Friday, May 25, 2012

One Down

<====  Sloth  or my pain face while I'm stuck being a sloth.

As many of you know I've been in a lot of pain this past week.  Well I found out why yesterday.

Must be Monday night or early Tuesday morning that the endometrioma ruptured.  Yes a 6.7 cm blood cyst.  Its gone.

I had a 1300 hrs appointment yesterday with Lt.Col.B.  that got pushed back to 1400 hrs due to the fact that they were extremely busy.

The ultrasound showed that the right cyst was gone.  The left one has grown a tiny bit.  The dimensions are now 6.7 cm by 7cm.  Its now almost egg shaped.  How lovely.

I'm stuck on sloth mode until this cyst either ruptures or resolves.  Lt.Col. B. is going to take a more proactive approach this time.  He had labs drawn.  My Estrogen is 624, wtf am I going to ovulate again?  My progesterone is 0.4 and the HCG beta is negative, I told him I wasn't pregnant and he stated that I was correct in what I said to him in the exam room.   The white count was low and my iron count is great he said.

The doctor thinks that even though my cycle is now on its 29th day I should be getting my AF today.  Um, no.  I spot before hand by four or so days.  I checked my cervical mucus and its still white.  Nope no coloration to indicate a cycle starting.  No cravings.  No symptoms of PMS.

If it doesn't start by Tuesday I'm to call him.  He is planning on giving me an antagonist shot after doing another ultrasound.  He also said that he can set me up for surgery for Thursday if need be.  He is thinking its going to be needed too since he knows how difficult my hormone levels have been and my ovaries to respond to the meds.

So this is where I asked him if he does have to do surgery if he'll be looking for the endometriosis while he is in there and he said yes that he would do what he could while in there to clean things up.  YAY!

Now when he called me personally at home with the lab results I put him on speaker so J could hear the numbers above.  J went to the appointment with me yesterday.  So we asked Lt.Col. B. all sorts of questions over the phone.  J stupidly said that, "we want to avoid surgery at all costs.".  After we ended the call I verbally smacked him.  I don't want surgery that is true but if its necessary I'm not going to avoid it and he isn't allowed to speak for me on that matter.  He has no right.  He isn't the one in pain.  I did offer to let him know what it felt like.

Last night at 2330 hrs I had a searing hot pain in my left side of the pelvis.  The pain enveloped my lower back and down my left leg too.  Then it started to feel like it was exploding in my pelvis.  Still in pain today but I'm not sure what the hell happened last night.  J isn't very concerned.  So I let into him on that a bit today.  I said, "didn't you listen to what the doctor said to us yesterday?".

People there are times I just want to...Okay not going there.
<==== this would be me and my doctor trying to make my uber smart husband understand just how bad this is and still getting the stupid look from him.  J is uber smart just not emotional, more like Spock and just logical which can be aggravating.

I know he can't truly understand unless he is the one experiencing the pain.  I could change that though with one good swift kick.

So we are going to not be trying to conceive for another cycle or two.  We are trying to get my ovaries back to normal size.  NO more CLOMID ever!  Injections and Letrazole are the next thing that Lt.Col.B wants to try when we get back to trying to conceive again.

I'm just lucky that this particular doctor does care about my health and well being.


  1. OMG, I am so sorry. No more Clomid, most definitely. I hope you can get your surgery set up soon.

    1. They only do surgery on Thursday here. My doctor informed me that all surgical suites are booked up through July. So if I need surgery mine will end up being a late afternoon one that will have to be squeezed in. But hey if it helps it helps and it will be out patient.

  2. Glad you have a treatment plan in place. I wonder if the pain you felt last night was the other one rupturing? And yes no more Clomid.

    1. I think its still there. The pain right now feels like a rod going through my pelvis and out my back.

  3. OMG that is horrible! Sucks that you are in so much pain. I hope if you have the surgery he can "clean" you out really good so you will be in a lot less pain. Yay for no more horrible horrible clomid!

  4. Ouch :( And sorry J doesn't get it... men, hmph. I hope that things get resolved here soon. And I'm glad your doctor actually cares... that's so important!

    1. I'll find out what it going on Tuesday when I call for the next ultrasound. I'm still in pain and I'm wondering if its just residual and they other ruptured too?


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