Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Surgery Avoided So Far

Well okay things are on hold.  I made that choice.  I had three options after what Lt.Col.B. found today. 

1) Surgery for tomorrow which is still an option if things get worse tonight pain wise.

2) He could drain the cyst in the office.

3) Ganirelix Acetate Injection to combat the estrogen.  I'd be a guinea pig for them and if it worked I'd set a new precedent he said for treatment.

I opted for #3 for right now. 

Friday I go back to the REI clinic at Madigan and will be seen by Dr. B as Lt.Col.B is out for the day doing training.  I will also finally have my full abdominal ultrasound that Gastroenterology ordered for me back in April on the same day.  More lab work for the REI clinic and hopefully some answers.

If the non functional estrogen producing cyst is shrinking I'll be able to put off surgery for a while.  Lt.Col. B. is hopeful but he said it could go either way.    He is still thinking that I'll need surgery but is happy that I'm willing to give hormone therapy a go too.

Maybe I'm a fool?  Have any of you ever used ganirelix before?  If so what are the side effects your experienced.

The clinic had on hand three of the shots and ordered five more with only a small co pay on my part.  Probably less than $20 for all 5 is their guess.  When they arrive I get to keep two and give them back the three that they gave me to use.  I guess that is fair enough.

I administered the first of the shots myself when I got home.  Its a walk in the park after IVF.

E2 level was down to 500 from the 624 the other day.  Remember this is CD34 for me.
Progesterone, LH and FSH were almost non existent he said.  Oh joy!  Lt.Col. B. said my hormones are messed up.  Oh and no these shots won't get my period started either.  I'll still have to wait for that one.  UGH!!!

So that is where I stand.  I might still need surgery tomorrow or next Thursday.  They only do surgery on Thursdays for non emergency.  I'll know more as the hours pass into days.

The pain level just sucks.  I'm still on modified bed rest.  Stupid me decided to try gardening yesterday.  I thought I was going to pass out from the pain of being in a squat position and bent over to transplant flowers from one garden bed to the other one.  Someone slap me if they see me doing that again while I'm supposed to be resting!!

Oh and no the cyst is still 7 x 6.7 cm.  No growth thankfully but he said the cyst did twist a  little with the gardening blunder.  But the blood flow is still good.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so very sore from three ultrasounds today. If I could curl up without it causing more discomfort I would.

  2. I used Ganirelix for all three IVF's, Can't say I remember any specific side effects from the Ganirelix, but I was being pumped full of all kinds of stuff. I hope it works for you, you make medical history, and feel better very, very soon. xoxo

  3. I am so, so sorry Rebecca. I am thinking healing thoughts for you.

  4. Thinking of you and hope your cyst goes away... I recently had one and it was so frustrating. FXd for you xoxo

  5. Sorry. No experience either :( I've had cysts before from my PCOS, but nothing painful or requiring surgery. We always just got by using a month of BCPs to get rid of them for me.


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