Sunday, May 27, 2012

Company Coming Over

J and I agreed to invite a soldier friend of his over tonight for some grilling.  They guy is legally separated and on his way to a divorce.  Rather sad to be alone on the holidays I think.  So I have no problem with having him over today.

J gave me a condition though, I'm not to do anything today.  Glad he said today because last night right in front of him I made a huge bowl of pasta salad including making the mayo and oil dressing from scratch.  Tasty if I do say so.  Don't worry its no longer raw egg, I made it on the stove top to make sure it came to a boil first and added all the ingredients to it making a cooked dressing.  It shouldn't make anyone sick.

I'll be sticking to my freezer diet food today even while they enjoy the grilling.  I have to.  I'm not active enough to be eating high fat, high sodium barbeque food.  The two athletes can eat it instead.

Yes, J is an athlete.  He can run 14 miles in a day easily and still go to work after and come home.  He's done it before for the "Walk To Afghanistan" they set up monthly.  J and all the other soldiers are required to run as much as they can during the allotted time period.  So yes he can enjoy all the calories he wants when he is working out.

I hope every one has a safe weekend.  Tomorrow is the day we celebrate Memorial Day but officially it is 30 May for the Memorial Day.  I'm not sure why we celebrate it on the last Monday in May when it has it's on particular day.  I guess its for those that are looking forward to the long weekends.

If you get the chance stop by your local cemetery and place an American flag on the grave of a US veteran.   I used to do this every year myself in the family cemetery and in the church cemeteries where my kin folk are buried.  It doesn't hurt to place one on a stranger's grave either if you don't have a family member that served and is buried nearby.


  1. Hope the grilling went well. Your post inspired me to put a flag near my mailbox to commemorate Memorial Day.

    1. That made me happy, the posting of your flag comment.

  2. Hope you are having a good holiday and relaxing as much as you can.


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