Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hummingbird Food

Every year since we moved in I've been putting out the hummingbird feeder.  Every year the Rufus hummingbirds come back.

This year I almost forgot to put out the feeder but the Rufus reminded me by buzzing my head for two days in a row.  So out went the feeder and today J and I bought some hummingbird plants.

Well okay they aren't actually hummingbird plants but they are the plants that the hummingbirds prefer.  Fushia and a mixed hanging basket of Bacopa, Million Bells Calibrachoa, Verbena and Trailing Petunias.  I'm still waiting for my snap dragons and salvia to open up.  Both are really tall and have their buds.

Okay my brain is fatigued.  I think I need to go rest.  Wishing the pain would just go away soon.  For those curious about that part of my life its now CD 16 and I've been spotting for 3 days, not bright but still spotting.  The boobs really aren't sore, more like PMS sore.  Its now 12 DPO.  Crazy I know but I ovulated really early this cycle.  I'm thinking in a couple of days a new cycle will be starting.  Oh and the pain is now making me nauseated.  Fun times!

One other trip we made today besides to buy flowers was a local used book store.  I actually had a credit there from a recent trade in and I decided to use half of it today towards the purchase of 11 books.  I had to pay only a little over 8 dollars for my purchase.  I realize that I still have two shelves of books I need to read but I'm addicted to reading.


  1. I'm so sorry you've been feeling so bad lately. Weird about having such an early ovulation!

    I love hummingbirds. We have ruby-throated ones here and I really need to get out my feeder. Your hanging basket sounds gorgeous.

  2. I love hummingbirds! They remind me of my parents house. They always have a hummingbird feeder out and we sit on the porch and watch them fly in and out early in the morning. I am glad they reminded you so you would have something to enjoy!

  3. Very jealous your hummer has a name.

    Sorry to hear you're still in pain. It's been going on for too long, lady. Hoping that you start to feel better very soon.


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