Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Cristy at Searching For O ur Silver Lining for this award of which I will gladly share with other bloggers.

Here are the guidelines:
  • Share who gave you the award with a link back to their blog.
  • Write down 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Give the award to 15 other bloggers.
  • Let them know they've won and pop the award up on your blog.
Now for the facts:
1)  I have dimples on my face, three as a matter of fact.  One in each cheek and one in my chin.

2)  I try to live a green life as much as possible by planting a garden each year.  I don't use pesticides so well my veggies often get eaten by creatures other than myself.

3)  I don't have a cell phone. Gasp!  That's right folks.  If someone needs to contact me they can hunt me down.

4)  I read on average a book a week.  Way more fun than watching television.

5)  I'm still greiving the loss of my cat, Jasper.  I feel like its my fault he disappeared.  Probably the very reason why I don't have a pet right now.

6)  I miss life on the East coast.  Don't get me wrong living on the West coast for the past 4 years has been nice but I miss lightening bugs, thunderstorms with lightening where the electricity goes out and the sky is very black.  I miss all the foods that I could find in NY like good Chinese, real Jewish bagels, and authentic German food.

7)  I love doing charity work.  It just makes me feel good to help out someone else.  However, I'm not as able-bodied as I once was so the majority of my charity work is down to crafting these days.

Now for the hard part;  I need to try to find 15 bloggers that haven't been awarded yet.  Not easy.

1)  Emily
8) Sarah
9) Alex
10) EJ
11) TeeJay
12) Katie and Ben
13) Jenny
14) Thien Kim
15) Toni

I realize some of you might have already been given this award but I can't remember who so please bear with me.


  1. thank you for the mention!!
    I received it earlier this week.....I think awards like this are wonderful, even though we are all here through sadness and frustration, it's nice to see that an award like this can bring some happiness to us all!

  2. My cat went missing a little over a year ago.... :(
    I too feel terrible and that I could have done something to prevent it... Miss him like crazy...

    Sending you love...and I hope that our cats some how find their way back home!

    1. Well much as I'd love to have Jasper back, he disappeared in Oct of 2004. He was eleven and a black cat. I think it was probably foul play. Yeah I know I should get over it but he was my baby and I took him every where, including bringing him overseas with me.

  3. Wow you don't have a cell? Some days I want to get rid of mine. Thanks for the award! I will have to do it soon.

    1. No cell phone for me. I only have one when J is deployed and it belongs to him. I just keep it activated while he is gone. Really a cell phone is just another leash to me and when I want to be on vacation I don't want electronic distractions.

  4. Thanks! Will work on my post/facts. I hear you re: authentic ethnic food. We are solely lacking in that here in CO.

    1. Its terrible how much I crave the food I could get on the East Coast. Here, well I must be going to the wrong restaurants because it just isn't all that good.


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