Friday, May 18, 2012

Its A Negative

Well I already knew I wasn't pregnant and given the fact that I have two large cysts on my ovaries its a good thing I'm not pregnant.  Now if the cysts grow a bit more to 8cm from the 6.7 cm the doctor will opt to operate to remove them.

Much as I wanted to be pregnant I didn't want to be in pain and be pregnant.  Right now I run the risk of losing one or both ovaries if the cysts twist.

Yes I am taking it easy.

I have only the results from three of the labs and am waiting on the other two results to be reported today.

HCG negative
CBC stable
Hemocrit Stable

I'm waiting on the progesterone and sugar.  I'm just rather surprised that he didn't want an E2 level.

So yes I made it through the night without a trip to the ER.  The Tramadol is taking the edge off the pain.  Its still there.  It still hurts to walk and move too quickly.  Oh and the medicine gives me a headache.  But I'm alive.  I'd say that the pain is now a manageable 5.  I'm used to be in a level 4 daily with the endo pain and the fibromyalgia.

I doubt I'll get addicted to the tramadol.  I don't get a high from it.  I don't enjoy the headaches either.  Rather feels like someone is trying to pound a stake through the top of my head the first 30 minutes of taking a dose.

If the pain gets worse, I've had a 9cm cyst rupture last year at this time, I'll head to the ER.  I promise even if its the middle of the night I'll drag my husband out of bed and make him drive me even if he is in his robaxin induced coma.  At least he responds well to his pain meds for his back.  One robaxin and he is snoring like a chain saw through wood.


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    1. Thanks. Hope you are doing well.

  2. I got my negative today also. I am glad that you will be able to get these darn cyst's taking care of though. Sending you well wishes and hoping you feel better soon :)

    1. Sorry about your BFN. Hoping that next cycle it will be different for us both. Yeah, um, the cysts won't be taken care of unless they grow more or rupture on their own. I know that bed rest is only going to prevent them from twisting.

  3. Take care of yourself lady. *hugs*

  4. ugh :( Sorry you're still dealing with this pain. I'm glad it's a *little* better, but *all gone* would be awesome.

    1. Wishing it was all gone and I could enjoy our nice weather.

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    1. Whoever said life was easy should be shot.

  6. I was so sorry to read this... big hugs!


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