Saturday, May 5, 2012

Continuing Pain

I'm still here.  The pain is still here.

I tried to sleep in this morning but I forgot to have J remove the phone from the bedroom and turn down/off the ringers.  So at 0930 S calls me and is upset that Equity is refusing to come out for her non-emergency toilet running.  I told her give me 30 minutes and we'll be over there to fix it.

Army wives need to know how to fix something as simple as a leaky faucet, dryer hose disconnect, running toilet, etc...but alas most of them don't know how to fend for themselves when the repairman is not on duty for regular maintenance calls. 

We hauled over with us the tool box and repair manual.  We get there and S says that it stopped.  Really?  This means that I missed my sleep, I have a headache, didn't get in a shower and well I'm in fricken pain.  I didn't say all this to S but I did get a rather cool reception from her because I wasn't at home for her phone call telling me that I wasn't needed anymore.  Sorry but when I say I'll be there in 30 minutes it means you'd better call me within 20 to tell me you don't need me because the other 10 minutes is spent traveling in the car to your place.

By the way, the T3 is just a joke.  I'm starting to wonder if its really T3 or just placebo pills that look like T3 because its not working on my pain level.  I guess come Monday I'll be calling and begging for an ultrasound to find out what the heck is wrong inside of me now.  This is just stupid making me deal with this pain when they could be doing something for me.

So no I'm not angry with S I'm angry with my pain and the fact that I just fell asleep and got woken up because of my own stupidity of not taking the phone off the hook.  But I just don't understand why she is cool with me.  Usually I get a two arm hug, now I get a one arm barely hug me hug when just yesterday it was different.  I can't figure out people.  Maybe its because J had other things he had to do today and couldn't babysit at the last minute her boys so she could get some glamor shots done?  Well J has only 48 hours off a week and he needs to get stuff done here that he likes and wants to do.  I certainly can't be babysitting kids right now with my pain level.

S if you are reading this please understand that I'm in pain and not angry with you.


  1. Gosh, Rebecca, I really wish they could figure out the root cause of your pain and not just give you pain meds. If its endo do you think surgery may help. Its crazy that you have to suffer like that.

    1. Oh they know what the cause is of the pain. This time it was the clomid and the endometriosis. The endometrioma on the right ovary is big and I have two nasty cysts on the left ovary from the clomid that grew bigger.

  2. Ugh. I wish they could figure out what's going on or give you some adequate pain meds :(

  3. I'm so sorry that you are in pain. That's a sucky way to go through life. I hope they figure out a way to control it better so you can live your life. xoxoxo


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