Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting On Radiology

Okay fun times this morning.  I finally made an appointment for a follow up with my cardiologist.  The soonest I can get in to see him is 22 June 2012.  Good thing I still have enough medicine to last until I see him again.  Next I scheduled an appointment with my PCM to get a referral to dermatology.  I've had a few blistering sun burns on my face and now I have some bumps that aren't moles growing on my forehead where the worst of the blistering was.  I know I have damaged my face as I saw a dermatologist when stationed in Germany and they treated me for the pre cancerous crap.

Finally I got through to my Gastroenterologist about the ultrasound that they put in for on the 25th of April.  I still haven't heard from radiology on that one.  I called radiology before I called my gastroenterologist this morning.  Of course radiology never answers their phone.  Its not only me as the nurse at gastroenterology also tried and they didn't answer for her either.

Looks like I'm going to get referred out to TRA imaging in Tacoma again.  I went there once for an ultrasound on my thyroid.  I didn't like the experience there or the technician who seem incompetent.  The reason why I can't be seen at Madigan for the ultrasound is that they don't have enough film readers right now to cover the appointments.  I guess that some are deployed?

The only way I'm going to get in for an ultrasound at Madigan is if I go through the ER as an emergency.  If the pain gets worse, of which it started up again over the weekend with intense pain, I'll be doing the ER route.  I'm not going to hold off on this if I'm in acute pain.  I'm tired of being in pain from so very many things in my life.  If I can get proper treatment for the various issues I'll do it and stop complaining so much.

So here I sit waiting for radiology at Madigan to give me a call back.  I need a code from them for denial of treatment at their facility before I can be seen at another imaging place.

On a lighter note; I've won three books on Good Reads this week.  Awesome!


  1. I hope you can get that ultrasound without having to visit the ER. Either way, give us a heads up about your condition. I hope everything is ok.

    1. The pain in my upper abdomen on the left side was worse this morning. But it didn't trump the pelvic pain. Still haven't heard from radiology.

  2. So sorry to hear your story. I battled what I considered to be extreme incompetence for 13 months before someone finally referred me to a rheumatologist. I owe my sanity and my life to that wonderful doctor. He not only gave a name to all my pain (fibromyalgia), he also treated me like a real person, not a hypochondriac, and presented viable ideas to lessen my pain. After being put on Lyrica and a couple other meds I finally had days that were 6's and not 10+'s. He has gone above and beyond to give me my life back. Sometimes the road to the medical care you deserve is littered with incompetence, but then, out of nowhere, you see the rainbow. Here's to you finding that rainbow!

    1. Mel, the doctor care I get here is the best in the military or so they say. So this tells me that if I went to some other installation I would be treated worse. Ugh! Scary thought! Wish I could take Lyrica but with trying to conceive there are so very medicines I can't take. I did get to see a rheumatologist just once, it was for a seminar on fibromyalgia and it wasn't one on one. They also said to us as a group that neurology would be a better fit however the soldiers get first priority and we'd have to be seen off post if Tricare even allows us to have that with the benefits being cut back. Our insurance is only a benefit and can be taken away at any time.


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