Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Busy with Repairs

Sorry to all those I normally follow and comment on your blog posts.  I've been busy, really busy.

This week I had scheduled repairs to my domicile for Monday.  It is now Wednesday and the repairs have yet to be fully addressed by the team assigned to my house.  Equity is slow, tries to do as little as possible in terms of repairs, and enjoys collecting my rent money.

The toilet wax seal is broken, though that was fixed the on Monday they didn't tighten down the base or the plumbing and it leaked meaning they had to come back yesterday and fix it again.  I still have a leak in the tub they are getting around to tomorrow which means that will be four days of fixing.  Today they are coming back with an infrared device to find the leak in the bathroom.

I still have the smell of cat pee in the master bedroom which they tell me is because the cement pad was not sealed to the foundation.  Fun so when is that to be fixed?  No clue.

The patio sliding door refuses to open without a lot of shoving and pushing.  They are thinking that with the bulging tiles (last photo) and the tracking now being bent has something to do with the pad and foundation not being sealed. 

The cracked handle on my fridge was a simple fix but that meant the repair guy would have to go back to the shop and get the part, a fifteen minute drive there and back; I'm still waiting for the part to be brought back and it is two days since that was promised.

Army housing was better maintained and repaired when still owned by the Army.  Equity isn't doing the proper repairs nor in a timely manner.  Mind you I reported the cat pee smell over three years ago and all I got was a "I don't smell it".  If they had listened and fixed the issue back then I can only assume that the door and floor tiles wouldn't be an issue now.

Pardon me for assuming they would have properly addressed the issue.  Repairs continue tomorrow.

Oh the cracks in my ceiling...I almost forgot that.  Yes they looked up in the crawl space.  Ceiling joists are 24 inches apart and supporting but sagging.  So which is it?  Are they supporting or are they sagging?  I get for an answer that with the supporting wall below it isn't an issue.  Okay so when the joists fall on my bed will it be an issue?  It is cracked where they repaired the ceiling before.  I think it is a problem that needs to be fixed the right way and not just patched up.  Not a clue if they are going to even patch it or just leave it for the next tenant.


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