Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fostering A Cat

LOL I stole a stray cat off the Animal Control truck today.  I called them in to get a have a heart trap for the stray cat I've been feeding when I heard the cries of a small cat coming from the truck. 

She is small still almost all black with a small white patch on her chest.  If someone claims her it is okay because I know I took good care of her.  My goal is still to get the long haired black stray into my home.

Pictures will follow of her when she holds still long enough to get one that isn't blurry.

Oh the reason why I took her off the truck is because when they catch them they euthanize them within a day.  I had to save her.


  1. Oh! I'm glad you saved her - poor kitty

  2. A day?? That is awful :( Thank you for saving her!!

  3. Good for you! That's terrible they euthanize them within the day :( Awful!


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