Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 2 of Repairs in the Second Week

So today they'll be coming by to destroy fix my bedroom up all purty!  Well okay I can only hope that they get rid of the nasty smell from the former tenant's animals.  When it rains my bedroom reeks of ammonia.
Before they tear it all apart, though they did already remove some walling and some base-boarding I have photos.  I had to push all the big furniture into the center of the room and remove my clothing from the closet.  J just put his shorter things on the top bars so that the flooring could be torn up if necessary.  I did move out the remaining furniture by myself...pats self gently on aching back.

Now for photos of the remaining work in the bathroom that was done after yesterday's posting.  I'll post more about today on the morrow.

I cleaned up after their clean-up.  They were wearing shoe covers and did sweep up most of their mess but a vacuuming and mopping later the place actually looked clean.  Took forever to clean out the shower!  The toilet continued to bubble out water from its new seal for several hours after.  Today it seems to be fine.  But I can just imagine the water that is standing under it again creating more mold.


  1. tell them about that ASAP so they wont have to do all of this craziness all over again!

    1. I plan on mentioning it to them today.

  2. Oh goodness me. Hope it gets fixed up right soon!

  3. I hope you get a fast response! No reason to let that mold build up again. Yuck!


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