Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guilt Tripped and Graduation

I was chatting with my father on the phone today.  He is still in the nursing home until my brother flies in to have him released.  My brother will also be picking up my mother from her nursing home too.  Kudos for my brother, it is about time he helps out my parents.

Dad was guilt tripping me today.  He learned it well from his mother.  When grandma was in her nursing home and I'd get ready to leave she'd throw a fit and threaten to throw my photograph and painting (a portrait of me by a local artist) into the trash can in her room.  I said to her to go ahead because I had to get to work.

Well my father is trying to do the same.  I told him to knock it off as it isn't nice to guilt trip your child and he should know better because he didn't like when his own mother did it to him. 

He had told me that he doesn't know how much longer he has to live and that basically I should insist that the Army hurry up and move to me to the East Coast.  Dad was in the Army and he does know that it doesn't work that way.  So yes, he was truly trying to guilt trip me.  I wasn't going to fall for it.

I do feel bad that my brother, who is not competent to care for our parents, will be taking care of them.  I reminded my mother that he'll need to take a shot class as Dad has to have insulin shots.  Really wishing I could be there to administer that drug.  I know I could do a good job of it with all my experience in giving myself injections.

Graduation went well for J yesterday.  I posted some photos for his family on facebook.  Since my mother's cell phone doesn't have the internet on it and she doesn't use facebook I told her that I also sent them to her email and they'll be waiting for her upon her return home.

As for other graduation photos.  I think it is a total rip off to pay out $54.70 for just 6 photos.  But that is what we paid.  We get 1 8x10, 1 5x7, and 4 wallet size for that amount.  I'll be taking a trip to photo developer to get more made for family of course.

Directly after graduation we went out to dinner at Red Lobster.  We had a gift card given to us at Christmas for that restaurant and figured it would be a great time to use it.  Thank you R & M for that gift card.  J really enjoyed his steak and lobster dinner.  I too enjoyed my meal and still managed to lose 0.2 pounds over night!  Bonus!!!

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  1. Oh, I agree about the photos being a rip off. I hate that. They're nice to have, but it's a pain.

    Sorry your dad is trying to guilt trip you. It's hard when parents do that. Good for you on standing up against it though.


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