Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Reload

J and I went to the range over the weekend.  First time I got to shoot with his .45 and I had a blast.  Unfortunately we didn't get to shoot for long before the range caught fire and was shut down for the afternoon.

I didn't put the green marker to the target my husband did because he is anal like that.  I told him hands off but yeah okay whatever it is just a piece of paper.  He even decided to put cross hairs on the paper target for me to shoot at even after I told him that I'm only aiming at the "X" in the middle. 
My hand was sore by the time we finished.  I have carpal tunnel and tendonitis in both wrists.  After a while aiming became difficult.  Still if we ever have a break in and I can get to the keys, the cabinet, a weapon and find the ammo the guy is a goner.  But by then I'm sure I'd be better off grabbing the wooden mallet and going after the intruder.


  1. It's fun going to the shooting range! We haven't gone yet since we've been in Texas though.

  2. I have always wanted to go to a gun range. It sounds like it was fun!

  3. Super jelly! WOW too bad the place caught fire though!


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