Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lazy Commenter

Sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blogs of late dear friends.  I've been busy.  The heat doesn't like my computer and even with a fan blowing on my computer the video card likes to overheat.

I've taken apart my computer twice in the past month for cleaning to make sure nothing is clogging the internal fans.  The primary issue is that the only place to put my computer set up is against the window, of which faces southwest.

So that is my excuse for not spending more time on other blogs.  Hopefully when cooler weather arrives I'll be able to comment more.  Until then I'll just post a blog when I get the chance.

In other news, my cousin is pregnant for number two.  The first child was a conception of a devious nature.  She had sexual relations, while in the Army still, with another soldier who was still married to his wife who was also in the service and fighting off cancer.  My cousin thought it would be a great way to get the guy to divorce his wife, get out of her deployment, and get him to marry her.  She is damn lucky the Army didn't decide to prosecute both of them for adultery.

The father of her first child did divorce his wife, and he had a kid with his wife.  He didn't marry my cousin.  Now she is pregnant with number two.  When asking my family who the father is they assumed since she was still dating the man, I thought they had broken up since he was abusive to her, it was the same father of her first child.

All I know is that this seems to me to be yet another welfare mom case with a dead beat dad.  I hope I'm truly wrong.  Some folks should not be allowed to breed!


  1. Not good that your computer keeps acting up!

  2. Oy, your cousin sounds like she has some issues :( Not good. I guess with your lack of commenting, my unintended break from blogging was well planned? Hope your computer issues are over!


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