Friday, February 25, 2011

Doing The Girl Thing; Shopping and Facials

Okay so some days I like being a girl and all it means.  There are days that I long to be with my gal pals to shop and get facials.  But even better is dragging the manflesh along when I go shopping.

This past weekend I went shopping at the outlet stores in Centralia, WA.  Wonderful bargains were to be had thanks to our Presidents and their special holiday weekend. 

Folks I was able to purchase the Coach bag and Coach wristlet together for only $149.  Considering the handbag alone went for $398 originally I'd say I got a darn good bargin.  Take a look at the prices online at the Coach.  I love to shop when there are sales going.  I don't like to shop during the holidays.

Not to worry male viewers my husband enjoyed the shopping expedition as much as I did if not more.  My purchases at the two kitchen shops assured him that he would be eating various new and exciting foods for some time to come.  Plus I'd say the pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots he bought himself added to his shopping pleasure.

Six hours of shopping and about $500 later we finally headed out to Taco Bell for some lunch.  J loves his Taco Bell and I can usually find something on the menu that I'm not allergic to as well.

Now to the facial aspect of this post.  I don't get the chance to indulge in spa facials and facials at home are also rare due to my lack of time with all the repairs being done on this military house.  Just today I had to have Equity back in here again to take a look at the window they had installed on Tuesday. The window is icing up inside the room.  D, an Equity repairman, just told me after speaking with K, his supervisor, that there is nothing that can be done about the condensation.  D tried to blame it on my spouse and I breathing in a closed up room over night.  First off we sleep with the bedroom door open.   Second my spouse sleeps only about 5 to 6 hours a night and I am up a lot during the night due to my fibromyalgia.  How could we possibly be the culprits of so much moisture on that particular window I ask yet again?  I swear I was arguing with someone who didn't realize that I did indeed understand the science behind condensation.   I need a bit of time to myself to relax so I have a honey mask on my face and I'm trying to forget about that window for a few minutes.   I love my little house on this military installation, I just don't like how the repairs are being handled.

I want to be extra girly today.  It is the beginning of the weekend after all.  I want to enjoy my time with the manflesh.  I don't want to look all cranky-faced from having to deal with inept repairmen.  Maybe I'll even paint my nails.

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  1. I am happy for you to finally have had a Girly Day !- You truly deserve it. How about we go Shopping together next time ? :)

    Oh and yeah Becca, I have to blame you aswell on this Equity - Case, why do you have to breathe? Can't you just stop it ?! ( Sarcasm, of course. )


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