Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egg Assured

 Moisture covered my bedroom window from top to bottom reminding me that soon the whole window frame would have to be replaced. Wiping  the wetness and mold from the structure yet again, I looked out and saw that frost covered the verdant lawn as the sun rose over Mount Rainer this morning.  It was going to be a beautiful day, though a cold one.  The floor was cold enough in the bedroom that I could feel the icy fingers of frost through my socks.  Yet, all was right in my little world.  Today I had a chance, a slim chance but a chance all the same.  Today I would have my IUI.

My spouse did his collection and the count was even better than last cycle.  I have more follicles than last cycle too.  The technician who did my insemination this morning told me that even though I'm 41 I still have a really good chance with the sperm and egg counts this cycle, better than most actually.  My husband was happy to hear that we had a good chance.  He really wants to be a daddy, not just a father that spends a few hours a week with his kid because he has to.

We often talk about the future and children.  Daydreaming about what our kids will look like, if they'll get into trouble, their grades, and yes the possibility of grandchildren.  For the next two weeks I'm to be treated as if I am pregnant until I test one way or the other.  So for the next two weeks I can dream with hopes of a happy, healthy baby.


  1. I'll be dying for the nest two weeks to hear what's happening. Fingers crossed for you. You deserve this.

  2. Good luck to you Rebecca. Keep dreaming - I'm sending good pregnant thoughts your way. I'm sorry that this has been such a struggle for you. I'm 38 and haven't yet tried to have a baby, but still might want to have kids. I just can't right now since my husband is struggling with depression, so I'm worried that we might not be able to conceive when the timing is right.


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