Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waiting With Hope

So much is going on in my life that I don't know where to begin.  I want to complain, I want to rant, I want to go back to sleep.  I want to be the jellyfish in the picture all pretty and just drifting through my glass cage at the zoo with many admirers.

This morning is going to be one of construction, I hope.  I want my bedroom window put into place and finished.  After very little sleep the furniture has been moved out of the way so that the construction workers can finish the job. 

Much as I wanted to do an environmental post this weekend it never happened.  We just had to get away from the house.  I didn't get to do my research this week and had to share my computer.  J's, computer is still being repaired.  Its been gone for a month now and he wants it back as much as I want him to have it back.  I detest feeling like I need to shorten my computer time just so that he can play his games on the computer.  Yes, after sharing it for a month I told him how I feel about having to share.  I don't like someone else installing programs on my computer.  With J using my computer after work we don't get the chance for conversation at night after work since my computer is a desktop and it resides in the home office.  Okay so that is me venting.

I'm in pain today.  I have on my leather orthopedic boot, known as the Colorado boot and if its gets worse I'll have to put on my Air Walker or as I like to call it my Storm Trooper boot.  I also have on my right carpal tunnel brace.  Now if only I could get a brace for the Round Ligament Pain which is due to an ovarian cyst.

No signs of pregnancy yet which is grating on my nerves.  I only have signs of PMS.  This morning in my email I got a notice from an online menstrual cycle tracking site letting me know of my impending new cycle.  Gee thanks just what I needed, another slap in the face!

Am I done with the woe is me attitude today?  No clue.  I should be worrying about other matters in the news like the earthquake.  I shouldn't be thinking so me orientated but like most bipedal beings I'm inclined to think about the number one each day.  So forgive this selfish hormonal female for being annoying today.  Like most moods this will change once I've eaten and seen installed my new bedroom window.

So for now I go back to waiting for signs of pregnancy and some glimmer of hope.  I wait for the construction workers to show up.  I wait for the pain to subside.  I wait for the foul mood to pass and the sun to rise.  I do still have hope for today.  Now to go forage for sustenance to fill the void in my burning pit I like to call my stomach.

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