Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Me?

I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a weekly posting about my Army house.  Seriously I'm so sick of this entire matter and I have only the techs to blame on their shoddy repairs.

After a sleepless night on the couch I was told by the tech that I'm basically stupid.  Okay so he didn't actually say that word but he did talk down to me.  Worst part is that this is the Head Tech.  No one to complain to about this particular guy's manners.

I explained to the tech from Equity that I've only had the humidifier for six weeks and I have to have it as I have chronic sinusitis.  My doctor told me I needed a humidifier, neti pot, hepa filter, and air purifier.  I have all but the hepa filter installed in my home.  So the Head Tech, K, said it was because I had the humidifier in the bedroom that the window sill is rotting out.  I beg to differ.  I explained that I've been in this residence for two years.  The mold and moisture problem has been here since day one of my occupancy and its been noted before I even purchased the humidifier.  Still K didn't listen to me. 

We moved on to the other windows in the other rooms that have moisture between the panes.

K, "Oh its okay some moisture is normal." 

Me, "Really?  How much? Each day I go around and wipe up the mess going through multiple towels.".

We move on to the next problem.  Why am I still short a fluorescent light bulb in my kitchen fixture?  I've been waiting patiently since the last tech said they were out of them in December.  K tells me that I'll have to call that one in.

Next I address the issue of the gas burners.  I'm on my second stove in this house as the first one was beyond repairing. I have one burner of the four that doesn't have much height to the flame.  He tears it apart and fixes the problem so that I have a bit more height to the burner flame but still its not even with the others and its mostly a yellow flame.

On we go to the front door.  For 25 months I've had a problem with the storm door.  The latch likes to lock people out and lock them in.  Techs have been quite frustrated with my storm door but none have offered to fix it.  Again K tells me I'll have to call it in. 

One more problem I bring up to K is the smell of ammonia in my house when it rains heavily.  He tells me that I need to call it in.  I tell him that I've called it in before and we've isolated the problem to the master bedroom closet.  One tech pulled off the baseboard molding in search of the obnoxious odor to no avail.  No seepage or discoloring was noted.  I was told that I would have to treat the area with a special chemical concoction out of my own pocket.  I explained to K that I have no pets and having lived here over two years now I shouldn't have to put up with that odor.  We have no carpet in the house that is wall-to-wall, only tile on the floors with throw carpets that were brand new two years ago.  Again I'll have to call in the problem.  Why bother?

I'm so sick of the attitudes of these repairmen.  Yes they are all men.  The good ones, the efficient ones, the ones that don't act like women are inferior have all quit. 

I love my house.  I love living on post.  What I don't love is trying to get something repaired in a timely manner.  That brings me to the number one complaint of the morning.  I asked K how come when the tech was here yesterday afternoon he couldn't give me a time table of when they'd be here today.  K tells me that when I call after hours they don't always get the message and will take care of scheduling the next day.  K said that they will tell me, upon putting in a request, if its going to be a morning or afternoon repair.  I said to K, that is not what I'm talking about.  The tech, D, that was here yesterday afternoon told me that someone, not anyone in particular, would be here today and didn't tell me if it was going to be morning or afternoon.  He had nothing to say.  Finally I got K to silence his superior attitude.

Still for the next few days and into next week, because we are coming up on a four day weekend, I'll be dealing with a torn up bedroom.  Tonight I was informed I will be able to have J, my husband, shut off the dehumidifier and move it to the living room.  A night in my own bed is always better than a couch.  J slept on a cot last night.  He slept soundly enough to be snoring like a chainsaw while I tossed and turned.

It looks like this summer I will be having my lawn torn to pieces.  I've told J that he might as well let the landscapers take back the lawn duty.  We have red, blue, green, and white marks up and down our neighborhood ground surface where they will be upgrading different systems like the sewer, power, water, and other cables.  K told us we'll have a trench in our side yard.  Oh great.  Just what I wanted outside my bedroom window in summer, the sound of heavy earth moving equipment.

Maybe I'll run away for the summer and leave no forwarding address. 

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