Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three More Leave This Week

Well I guess its good bye times three this week.  Three more soldiers leave our network of friends.  One left the service on a pregnancy chapter.  One left the service because he couldn't make the weight and tape guidelines.  One PCS'd to a new duty station.

So this is my good bye to them.  I wish them well in their life journeys.  May they make only good choice and find life easier wherever they may go.

The pregnant one I knew but not all that well.  She has known my husband since AIT.  I guess she was an alright gal.  Little odd but then again we all have our quirks.

The guy who is leaving is a friend of my husband's but not really one of mine.  He is in our network of friends but to say something nice about the guy from my mouth would probably hurt my face.  Read He's Not My Friend and you'll understand why I'm not really going to miss him.  I do wish him well.  I hope he can find a job. 

Finally we get to a set of friends, had I more time, I would have liked to have gotten to know them better.  This family has seen the good and bad side of the Army community and the guy's unit.  Could they have treated him better, probably.  Will they in the future treat other soldier's in that unit better, I have my doubts.  See he isn't the only soldier that has left the military from this particular unit, I won't mention numbers and names, that have complained about its chain of command. I have two other friends from that particular unit that had nothing good to say about it.  They are happy to have it in their past now.  I'm just glad my husband doesn't work in this unit.

I count myself lucky enough to have known the above mentioned people.  I've learned from the experiences. 

PCS =Permanent Change of Station

AIT = Advanced Individual Training

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