Friday, February 4, 2011

More Glue Please

Well the workmen are here for the second time this week.  I'm starting to feel as though my on-post house is falling apart much like the one in the photo.

Today the last of the slab leak repairs should be finished.  However, the bedroom window sill is another story.  I was correct when I noticed that it was rotting out.  I knew it would have to be replaced but I also know that the repair folks like to take short cuts because they are instructed to do as such.  The bedroom window project will have to be contracted out since it is indeed rotted out.  Scratching my head on that one.  Aren't these guys the ones that the Army contracts out to for repairs?  Why do I need yet another contractor crew in my home?  Its not that hard to replace a single window sill.  I've seen it done on a second story window personally.    At this point I'm like whatever as long as it doesn't interfere with my appointments next week for fertility I'm fine with it getting done on its own schedule.

I'm wondering if I should go out and buy several rolls of brightly colored duct tape and tubes of colored glue to hold this place together.  At least it would look cheery right?

I've noticed a trend in the repairs now, they are getting more in-depth and harder to fix.  At least I know that my roof is sound, that was replaced last summer.


  1. I know all about life in a fixer upper. *sigh*

    Good luck. On everything.

  2. I know exactly what you are going through !!


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