Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun FRG Meeting

Since my brain is basically mush this morning this is going to be a short posting.  If it seems a bit choppy I can only say its due to fatigue.

Last night was the first FRG meeting we've had since our soldiers got home in July.  I found out that our current FRG leader will be leaving us sooner than I previously thought.  KG, I'm going to miss you.  EC welcome to our brigade.

FRG meetings are always important and I'd love to see that many soldiers and their spouses come to every meeting. Last night's meeting provided us with the upcoming training dates.  I can now start making informative decisions as to when we can do travel, fertility, and when I'll be needing extra help here.

The incentive to attend last night's meeting was that the soldiers wouldn't have to show up to work until 0900 hrs the next day, plus they got free soda and pizza.  Bowling was optional and at your own cost but hey we still had a good turn out on the lanes.  I alas did not bowl due to the restrictions on me right now with the "pregnancy" for two weeks thing.  My spouse did bowl.  He felt a tad awkward bowling with the guys that were higher ranking than he but he still gave his best try.

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