Thursday, February 10, 2011

Resources For Surviving As An Army Wife

Because for the next two weeks I'm to be treated like a pregnant woman on restriction I have nothing better to do than to research.  Heavy housework is just out of the question leaving me with just dusting and again that means no lifting of furniture and crawling around raising my blood pressure like I was exercising so with that said here is what I found today to share.

For those of you new the Army way of life or for those of you not so new but didn't know it all and want to know more I have some links to share with you for more information.

One particular link I found very useful and have actually called them when my husband was stationed overseas on an isolation tour is Military One Source.  There are some wonderful folks willing to help you answer even the smallest of questions you might have to the more horrific ones that we all dread having to ask.

Another link I would suggest would be Army One Source.  If you can get the chance in your busy schedule to take the Army Family Team Building course do so.  I alas have not had that chance so far but many of my friends have and they've told me it does help out.  I am a member of my FRG, family readiness group, and do stay in the loop as to what is going on in my unit and on post.   Sometimes I even know about events before my husband does, which makes for a good chuckle at the dinner table.  Really if we are informed it makes it so much easier to handle the mission.  Yes we do share in their missions.  We have to hold down the fort so to speak while they are gone.

A few good reads, available for free download on line, I highly suggest are:

Making The Most Of Your Military Lifestyle  by Tara Crooks

Finding Your Battle Buddy  by Tara Crooks

Army Spouse Guide  English edition

Army Spouse Guide  Spanish edition

Checklist For New Military Spouses

Now for three books that I myself purchased or were gifts from my husband that I suggest you read or sign out from your local library are:

Married To The Military A survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in Uniform  by Meredith Leyva

The Army Wife Handbook by Ann Crossley and Carol A. Keller    To some of you the book might seem a bit outdated but really if you are new to the Army way of life and don't know how to act at military dress occasions or a spouses tea its worth checking out from the library.

Under The Sabers The Unwritten Code Of Army Wives  by Tanya Biank   Yes this is the book that prompted the making of the television show Army Wives but by no means does the television series follow the book.  The book is about the tragedy of  murders at Fort Bragg, NC in the summer of 2002.  The reason why I suggest that women read the book is that if you or a friend  have domestic violence in the marriage you need to get help now.  You do not want to have your life ended just because you were afraid to speak up.  Enough said.

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