Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its All Talk

Today is just one of those days.  Its grey outside.  Grey would be a good thing if there were snow on the ground, but no its threatening to rain instead.

There are days like today that I feel as though if I open up there would be no one to hear me.  No one to listen to what I have to say.  No one to understand that I too have good ideas.

Sometimes its as though I'm talking and all they hear is "blah, blah".  I've learned to keep my mouth shut about a few things I hear and see.  No good would come of me talking about them and possibly it would only get others in trouble.  Of course if someone was in danger you can bet I'd step up.

Today I got hit on.  A supposed friend sent me an email stating that he'd like to get to know me better for a romantic relationship.  This is just one instance where I feel like someone isn't listening to me.  I'm married.  I have a wonderful husband.  If this guy were truly interested in me he'd read my profile and see that I'm married with photos of me and my spouse doing activities together.  This guy proclaims  "you are a very beautiful woman you really look stunning, i would like to get to know you much better.   i am looking for a honest caring, faithful, generous, calm, cool and ambitious woman to start a new life with and have a very serious relationship with." I've heard that before.  He goes on to tell me about his hobbies, his cheating ex-girlfriend that he  now wants a serious loving relationship and basically  I'm just what he's looking for. He wants me to tell him more about myself, what I want in a man and if I've ever dated on the internet, if so what was my experience.

I wrote back and told him I wished him luck in finding the love of his life.  I reminded him that I'm married and I move around a lot due to the fact that my wonderful husband is a soldier.  I wouldn't mind a friendship with the guy as I have a lot of friends from a wide range of backgrounds but I don't need another husband, one is just plenty for me.  One is all I want.  I have the one I want.  I guess at my age its nice to still get some guy telling me I'm beautiful.  

Yes, the main problem with marriage is that your guy sees you so often that it seems like they don't notice your looks.  I swear I could walk about the house in torn sweats and snarls in my hair, of which I don't,  and my spouse would only ask where the food is and when it would be ready.  He loves me enough to ignore my harried appearance brought on by the drudgery of housework and only worry if it becomes a daily habit.  Of course he would notice but wouldn't want to bring up my appearance for fear of upsetting me.  Today he noticed right off and commented on the fact that I was wearing a sweater and skirt.  Later today I have an appointment so I decided on office attire for the meeting.

So I digressed again.  I do that a lot I know.  Back to my main thought on folks not listening.  Ever notice that your friends, not best friends but just friends, aren't there when you need to talk?  You listen to them and admittedly at times are distracted with your multi-tasking.  You know when to respond with an, "I understand" or "oh that's terrible".  However when its your turn to vent they never seem to have the time to hear you unload.  Makes me want to thin out my friends list a bit.  

I'm blaming my lack of concentration on the weather today.  Oh, and for those of you interested in the drama queen well she returned home within about seven hours of the ambulance pick up so its obvious that it wasn't all that serious.  If it had been a miscarriage at her stage of pregnancy you can bet they would have kept her overnight.  I'm inclined to believe its more of her Munchhausen's Syndrome.

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