Monday, February 14, 2011

Protecting Our Air And Water Quality

We can do more to protect our air and water quality but most of us are unaware of how to go about doing our share for their protection.  Did you know that in Washington State alone transportation accounts for 47% of the greenhouse gases emitted?  This would be the emissions from our cars, trucks, trains, boats, motorcycles and so on.  Why don't we use mass transit more efficiently?

My husband told me just last night that only about 3% of the population actually uses the mass transit.  Mass transit uses up the majority of the budget for the Department of Transportation.  J explained to me this is why our roads are in such bad condition because of the budget not being proportioned according to the populous usage of the actually modes of transportation.

On our road trips we've noticed how many cars are with just one person in them.  What ever happened to car pooling?  Even here on the Army installation one would think that with so many soldiers leaving at similar times for work a carpool could be started up.  Personally I'd love to have the car to myself for even one day a week to go get groceries with a girlfriend.  I've done it in the past.

If we aren't going to use our mass transit then why have it?  Why pay out the majority of the budget to keep a broken system going when the funds could be used elsewhere?  If we want to improve our air and water quality we need to find cleaner modes of transportation.

Here is my challenge to all of you readers, start using your public transportation more often.  Start a carpool, my dad used one for his one hour commute to his work place for most of the twenty-five years he work at the plant.  If you live close to your work place think about walking or taking a bicycle.  Yes this means exercise.  Nothing wrong with dropping a few pounds of extra weight since two thirds of the American population is now considered to be obese.  Get off your butts and make a difference.

For more information see WSDOT which is the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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