Sunday, July 10, 2011

Letting Go

Photo by my husband, J taken yesterday.

Yesterday we took a steam engine ride through the town of Chehlais, WA.
It was a nice ride, though it did hurt my back a bit with the train lurching at start up on each end.

We went shopping at the outlet stores where I purchased a pair of Tony Lama's for myself.  After trying to fit my hiking boots into a set of brush stirrups I realized that I needed a pair of cowboy boots.  I have no boots in my closet that would have been appropriate for riding if I chose to do so in the future.  I had no shoes with heels on them except for dress shoes and I'm not going to wear high heels to horseback ride.

I finally purchased a swim suit.  It was two years ago that my favorite swim suit bit the big one.  Yes, I'm that particular when making a garment purchase that it would take two years to replace an item that I had for a decade.

I also purchased a pair of jeans.  Finally I found the heavy weight, no lycra, no spandex all cotton jeans that I so love.  When did they get so difficult to find?

Between the 1.25 hour train ride and shopping we stopped for a bite to eat a Kit Carson's in Chehlais.  I won't be eating there again.  Okay so I was desperate for a meal.  I missed breakfast and lunch.  Service was slow, the tables and booths weren't all that clean and J's steak was not served medium but well done.  He had it taken back where they again attempted to get it to medium and it came out medium well, acceptable but not all that great.  My sandwich, when I removed the toothpicks, fell apart.  Anyone ever heard of proper sandwich architecture?  A sandwich cannot be properly eaten with toothpicks inserted into it.  It could be hazardous.  The waitress was slatternly in appearance and mannerism.  Yup, that is the best word to fit her.  No one likes a smart-ass in dirty clothes and unkempt hair in the serving staff.  Making a joke is one thing but actually meaning what you say in an off-handed remark deserves one of a lowered tip.  No, I didn't lower her tip but I should have done just that to her.

So today I'm going to let it go.  I'm going to start afresh and let the bad wash over me and back to those who sent it.  Karma is going to be reversed.  My life is going to be easier if I just turn my back to those that wish to offend and keep walking.

We'll see how long it lasts.  I'm on vacation and I intend to end my vacation relaxed, not miserable.

My train of good hopes and dreams is moving forward and I'm riding with happiness in my heart.  All those that wish me good karma come aboard.   All those that wish me negativity will be left behind.

We are now headed out on our next leg of our journey.  More photos to come of our adventures across Washington State.


  1. Letting go is not always easy, but I find that if I can, I feel better. Hope the rest of your vacation is much better!

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. And, the more I read you, the more I see what we have in common. I rarely buy clothes...picky. And I hate bad service.

    Love you much!


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