Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still On Holiday, I Hope

Photo by me.  It rained Tuesday, Wednesday and again today which is Thursday here still on the West Coast.  The vacation we had planned for hiking and picture taking still happened though not as planned.

The cloud cover and fog at the higher elevations of 3,000+ feet was so much at times that it was difficult to even see the road.  Still we managed to have a good time the first day.

The photo is of a plant on Mount St. Helen's that intrigued me.  Why?  Well the rain had fallen and just stayed in droplets looking as if they were diamonds.

I plan on making more of a thorough blog post later this week or probably when the vacation is finally over.  Maybe I'll post a better blog entry at the next destination.

Yes, we are planning on hitting the road again.  Quite possibly taking off tomorrow morning early if we can book a vacation area tonight.

Maybe this time I'll get to go browsing for antiques in this journey.

More photos to follow at a later date.

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