Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Dogday

Bella came by this afternoon when we got back from grocery shopping.  I called her into the house and asked J to play with her in the backyard after I put down a bowl of water for her.  I went to find her owner.  Luckily T was looking for her.  I swear if she escapes one more time I might ask T if we could keep her. 

T is soon to deploy, he is in the middle of a divorce and just doesn't have the time to play with Bella.  I do.  So with that in mind I think when J gets back home today we are going to give the sheltie breeder a call today and see if we can take a look at her available dogs next weekend.

We really want a dog of our own soon.  I was thinking that in September we could go get the dog of our choosing after she has been spayed.  No its not going to be a puppy but a retired show dog.  They too need homes.  I call all dogs, puppies and all cats, kitties its just how I am.  While grocery shopping today we even picked out a small dog toy.  I'll have to go look through my boxed stuff to find the leash I have and the brush I bought and never used.  I'll need to purchase dog dishes but that's okay we have time before we get our dog.

I guess its basically settled.  Since we can't have a baby we'll raise fur babies.  I do love animals, if I didn't I wouldn't have married!  LOL


  1. I understand about fur babies. Bishop couldn't be more loved if we'd have birthed him ourselves. Can't wait ti hear about the new addition.

  2. Some of my family have just got a new dog and he's great! Although kept me awake all night last night. I love dogs.


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