Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Day Of Vacation

We hadn't yet to leave the house when the phone rang.  It was J's work place calling to ask for help.  He's on leave.  We get to Leavenworth and his cell phone rings, its another co-worker asking for J and I politely tell the man that we are now in Leavenworth on vacation.  He tells me okay and hangs up.  Can't they do without him for three weeks?  While its good for J's ego to know that he is a valued member of his team it would be nice if they'd remember that its called R&R for a reason. 

In the photo you'll see me on the right and my husband on the left.  The photo was taken at the very end of the ride and I'm slouching from the pain.  Thank you fibromyalgia.  Yes I over did it yesterday but it was worth it.  I haven't been on a horse in over 20 years.  Usually I rode bare back and I can honestly tell you that the saddle wears on the butt more than riding without one.  Sure having the stirrups are a plus to make sure when going down the mountain you don't fall off but still I think I'd rather not have a saddle.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Eagle Creek Ranch.  Lovely place with chickens running about and fairly friendly at that which in my experience is unusual for that particular bird.  Susan and Bryan were the ones that helped us with the horses in the mounting and dismount.  Bryan was our trail guide. 

We rode up the side of a mountain and back down a 6 mile ride in all and taking about 2.25 hours with stops for photos.  J took the photos this trip out and I guess its my turn to take photos when we go golfing.

Did I mention my butt hurts?  LOL  Yup I bruised the bone.  J is also complaining about a sore bottom as well so I don't feel as bad since he is the more experienced rider.

I was thinking that today we might go white water rafting but since I didn't reserve it in advance and its a holiday weekend we might just be out of luck on that one event.  Still we have the 18 holes of putting green to accomplish and many hours of shopping.

One thing is for sure, we are going to be exhausted when we get back home tomorrow.  More pictures of the trip to follow when I'm back on my own computer at home.

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