Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day Of Female Issues

So yeah, I'm ovulating this week, well as far as I can tell without an ultrasound and testing.  I had my RE appointment this morning.  It was a consult going over what has to be done.  Dr. Bur was nice enough to tell us, while J kept falling asleep, what are our options.  J was tired from lifting over 2000 lbs of equipment this morning and the brigade 4 mile run.  I would be too.

First off, I'm due for my well woman appointment.  I knew I was.  But its so imperative to get one done soon that they scheduled the appointment for me for this afternoon.  I guess pain and bleeding during and after intercourse isn't good at all.  Well I knew that too.  However, I kind of figured it was just the cysts causing issues.  Even the nurse suggested that one might have ruptured and thus the pain and bleeding. 

It could be also cervical dysplasia from what Dr. Bur told me today.  I've been diagnosed with it before and somehow, must be a miracle, at the next exam with a different doctor it wasn't there any longer.  Okay can I get one of those miracles now?  Read here to learn more about cervical dysplasia. 

Next I was told about my options to continue to conceive.  Lets say its not great since I'm running out of time.  The IVF wait list is a year long.  Its costly at $7500 a pop.  Its our only hope.  Sure we could try a few more round of ovulation induction but that just seems to not work for me.  However, they are having a mini cycle in October.  With any luck we can get on that list.  Pray for us if you would please.  I'm just hoping that I still have a few quality eggs left in me.

So that is how my morning went thus far.  I'll know more in a few days about everything else.  Time is my enemy and its drives me to distraction.  Now I just wait and wait and wait to hear results of the wait list and the pap results from the test that will be done later today.

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