Thursday, July 21, 2011

Port Townsend, Our Last Stop

Port Townsend was our last stop in our Lavender Festival Weekend and I have to say that the weather was the best for this part of the trip.  I haven't seen such glorious blue skies in months.

The walk along the beach head gave breath taking views of the Puget Sound, which is part of the pacific ocean but hardly anyone remembers that little fact.   If we weren't on a time table I would have stayed longer.

It is along the beach head that the bunkers were placed to defend our country against foreign enemies.  I'm not so sure how much of a threat Canada was back during WWII but I'm guessing because it was an easy sail up to the Puget Sound we were worried about other folks.  In the museum are small scale replicas of the various sized disappearing guns that were once housed in the bunkers.

 It always saddens me when someone decides that what they have to say is so much more important than the value of an artifact and its history to our nation.  I detest seeing graffiti on our national monuments, state parks, and museums.  If you have something so important to say buy a commercial spot on television and shout it there, not on a wall that is a monument.  This was one of the bunkers that housed the disappearing guns.

Just one of the photos that I took while walking about the beach head at noon.

Later we headed into town and ate at our usual restaurant while in Port Townsend, The Public House where I had the 'shroomwich which is always a favorite of mine.  J had their burger as he always does and it was wonderful again.
 Another photo of the bunkers, this one taken by J. 

In town we did some shopping.  J really enjoyed the coffee from the french press while we were staying at The Hampton Creek Inn so I took the opportunity to purchase him a french press at a kitchen shop.  J then in turn made a couple purchases for me, jewelry of course.  Jewelry always fits no matter how much I lose or gain while on the infertility treatments. 
He purchased for me a pair of earrings and a pendant in green amethyst from Lila Drake.  I love them and the fact that they didn't cost what we would have spent at a retail store makes it a bonus in my eyes.  I'm a bargain hunter.
  Here is the pendant.  Now we just need to find a nice silver chain for this heavy pendant.  Oh they had nice chains there but I wanted a heavier one than what they had in stock.  So I"ll keep my eyes open for good deals on silver chains.

Our trip ended on a happy note with a nice drive along the coastal edge of the Puget Sound.  The weather held and we were able to enjoy a picnic lunch at a park before we got home.

We truly needed these weeks together and I'm sad to see them come to an end.  Already we are talking about next year's vacation and where we'd like to go.

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