Monday, July 25, 2011

I'll Be Back In Time For My Birthday

I'll be back in time for my birthday, just not sure when in time that will be if I get to climb into the tardis for an adventure.  Okay wishful thinking its just a cake, though a lovely one at that.

Yesterday, though far from being my real birthday by days, my husband decided that it was convenient for him to celebrate my birthday as he would be too busy to do so later this week on the actual day.  So after a day spent grocery shopping he announces that he needs to go to MCSS (clothing sales) and check out the possibility of a pair of Oakley's for his inserts.  Okay have fun I'll do my blog, of which I did.

Just as I was finishing up my blog post yesterday my husband pulls back in the garage with my friend S.  They yell surprise.  Okay what next?

My birthday has been moved about for the convenience of others so often over the years that I'm surprised that I can still remember the actual date.  Its not that I'm complaining as he still remembered it was this week but since it will be the last birthday for a while that we get the chance to celebrate together I was kind of hoping to do just that, celebrate on the actual day.  Still its nice to be remembered, right?

He had the Tardis cake made for me.  It turned out beautifully until you cut into it.  I swear the blue frosting has to be at least a half inch thick.  I won't tell you what it does to a delicate digestive system except to say that one piece kept me up until 0253 hrs.

Now I sound really ungrateful.  I'm not.  I'm just worried of late.  I have a lot on my mind with the newest consult for reproductive endocrinology being on Friday.  Friday looms even closer.  We might have to put off getting the dog until next year.  I want a dog, but I don't know how I'm to take care of one if I have to be cut open and no one but me is there to take care of the dog.  The respite care worker I had in place was a major failure and I'm about to remove myself from the program as the folks that Align Staffing are employing aren't reliable.  So now its back to just J and I and he "travels" a lot.

Photo of  J and S.
Back to the birthday celebration of yesterday.  I hauled in a lot of loot.  I got the Huffy Beach Bike that I wanted along with the helmet, bell and bike lock.  I'll have my own transportation about post now as long as the weather holds.  J and I purchased the gems I mentioned earlier this month so, even though they were purchased with me there and they were inexpensive I consider them to be part of my gift.  J did one crazy thing, he purchased a too short, and too expensive chain for the pendant.  It was returned and I agreed we'd shop for one together.  He thought about me and what I needed so that counts.  Many men don't even bother to listen to what we need so I'm lucky in that aspect.

He and I talked about what he had agreed to in the past and he realized that he moved my birthday for his own convenience and how that wasn't fair to us as a couple.  I don't move his birthday just because of limited time.  If I could move my birthday it wouldn't just be the day it would be the year and I'd make myself 13 years younger with better eggs.  We don't always get what we want and we should learn to enjoy what we have.  So yes, I am happy that two people wanted to share my un-birthday with me as its way more than I've had in the past.  S and J put a smile on my face yesterday that hasn't been there all that often with the most recent news we've been dealing with here.

So thank you J.

Thank you S.

I love you both.

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  1. Awww, Happy Un-Birthday, cousin. Hope that when the actual day arrives it is just as special. Sending hugs and love!


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