Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Walk-In Ultrasound Today

I couldn't take the pain today.  Instead of going to the ER I tried to call my RE first.  No human voice just the answering service.

We ended up driving over to the RE's office and I spoke to a nurse there.  Not my favorite nurse but a nurse nonetheless, Nurse Mi, has no sympathetic bone in her body.  She kept speaking over me while asking me what the problem was.  How was I to tell her what was wrong if she wouldn't come up for air?  I was really wishing my favorite nurse, Nurse Ma was available.

Finally I got to speak and it was brief.  She decided to pull my chart and have a look at the last instructions.  There was nothing in my chart at all about the phone call I made two weeks ago.  My least favorite nurse, Nurse J,  didn't document the call or the problem.  Nothing listed about the pain or bleeding I was having at mid cycle.  Nothing listed about what I was told to do and not to do.  Someone is in trouble.

Nurse Mi finally gets the idea that I might need a doctor.  She decides to go speak with Dr. C and he wants me in the exam room immediately for an ultrasound.  Sure enough I have two ovarian cysts on my left ovary.  DUH!  He said if it was just one cyst I probably wouldn't feel the pain all that much but with two on one ovary its definitely an issue.   He gave me directions to not do anything that would cause me added pain and only to do things that feel okay.  IE: if you try it and it hurts don't do it again.  Dr. C explained to my husband about the corpus luteal cysts and their function.  I already knew and explained to him earlier in the week but he liked to hear it from the doctor.  Oh and my blood pressure was up to 153/94.  Might have been because of the pain or because I was cranky from what J said to me earlier.  I've been closely watching my sodium and trying to avoid stress.  Not that easy with a soldier who has his mind on the upcoming mission.  Soldier + Mission= cranky guy.

Next stop was the lab.  I had the pregnancy test blood draw and a progesterone level blood draw.  In a little over an hour I'll find out the results of both.  Or at the very least one.  I don't hold out hope for a positive HCG.  I'm feeling like its going to be negative.

Later this afternoon we are headed out to look at a set of golf clubs and see if they are what I want.  I'd like to get the chance to use them a bit this summer.  Still it looks as though I might yet get to Mount St. Helen's before the end of the week.  That is if my RE gives me some decent news.  For now I have to be careful to not do anything that might cause ovarian torsion as I don't want to lose an ovary.


  1. Man, will your suffering never end. I'm so frustrated for you.

    Sending big hugs and lots of love!

  2. Ugh! Hope you are feeling better soon! And I'm also hoping you get a surprise with that beta :) one can dream, right?


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