Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Death of a Hummingbird

Yesterday a hummingbird decided to try to find its way to the sky through the sky light in my military housing.  I hate the sky light.  Last year a hummingbird tried to do the same thing.  Last year we were able to coax it down with a fushia plant.  This year neither the fushia plant or petunia plant would do the trick.

2000 hrs the hummingbird falls to the walkway exhausted.  I carefully picked up it and tried to feed it the necter from the bird feeder.  No luck it pulled away and shook its head at me saying "no thanks".   I hung the feeder with the bird attached and another hummingbird came by and attacked it.  I clapped my hands to shoo it away.

Taking the feeder with bird attached back down I put it in my entryway again.  Normally I keep the feeder hanging up far away from the window so the little things don't injury themselves.  My walkway near the door is enclosed on three sides so there was little wind to disturb the bird.   I'd chirp to the injured bird and it would respond.  Okay it will be fine if I leave it alone I thought. 

J had CQ duty last night.  I called him and asked if he would come home and put up black plastic garbage bags to cover the sky light from the inside of our walkway.  He was able to come home for that.  Yes he cares as much as I do.

The hummingbird made it through the night clinging to the bird feeder.  Before I left for marriage counseling, hey I need to deal with this recent non-pregnancy loss, the hummingbird was still alive.  I'd chip to it and it would bob its head.

I got back and I checked on the little bird and it was dead.  Carefully I touched it.  Stiff.  Damn!

I removed its claws from the perch and have it sitting next to me on the computer desk as I type this.  It is illegal to own, capture, and so on a hummingbird.  What am I to do with its lifeless body now?  Do I find a small box and try to bury it?  Do I put it outside and let the wild creatures eat it?

I have pictures but for some reason blogger is giving me fits trying to load them.


Bird is in a paper cone of computer paper, put into a freezer bag and in freezer awaiting transport to Nisqually Wildlife Preserve.  I'm doing the right thing by the little creature.  I'll include on white paper using archival quality ink my name, location and date of death of the bird too.


  1. I'm sorry :( I'd find it a little resting place in the yard and bury it. You did your best, more than some would do. I'm sorry the poor little guy didn't make it (*hugs*)

  2. :( Poor hummingbird, I think it's awesome you tried to save it.

  3. So sad. :( RIP little hummingbird

  4. What a touching post. I really felt for the poor little hummingbird. You were so good to find out what to do with the little bird. I'm coming past from ICLW (

  5. How very sad :-( Poor little guy. Glad you tried to save it.

  6. Poor bird. :( I think it's amazing you tried to help it.

  7. Aw, poor guy. :( I'm so sorry you have to deal with it's death, especially so soon after a failed cycle. It must be so frustrating to do everything you can in both cases and still it fails. I'm glad you were able to find someone to send it to.

  8. poor thing... What will the wildlife preserve do? Will it taxidermy the bird?


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