Monday, May 6, 2013

Third becomes the Fourth

This morning I was supposed to double the dosage of my PIO shot.  J promised to remind me. 

He didn't.

I had to give myself a second shot this morning to get the full dose.  Mind you this is at 0430 hrs.  I'm tired.  I'm cranky and the last thing I want to do is screw up my dosage.

J has his own printed calendar of my medications readily available. 

I got an "I'm sorry" after I dragged it out of him.  He doesn't like to admit when he is wrong.  He doesn't like to think he is to blame.  He stands there every morning to make sure I do the shot right.  Well he could have told me when I was drawing up the medicine that I needed to draw up more.  Or maybe he didn't care?  Maybe he likes causing me pain in the morning because he has to be up too.  All I know is that he made my ass sore by forgetting the increase in dosage.  Seriously if he is going to monitor my shots shouldn't he remind me?  I'm very forgetful and I have a good excuse for the forgetfulness....FIBROMYALGIA!

Sorry had to rant.  I went back to bed at 0500 hrs with a sore ass.  I administered the second shot near the first because I only wanted half the ass to hurt.  Does that make things half-assed today; sure seems like it in more than one way.

By the way I'm getting really good at giving myself the injections.  Only a tiny bead of blood after massaging in the medicine.  I think the massaging made it sore because the needle I barely felt.  Or maybe it was just my disposition that was sore this morning after two hours sleep.  Insomnia has set in.


  1. :/ I hope you are having a good day.

    1. Yesterday wasn't all that good. Hoping that today will be much better.

  2. Ah man :( Sorry that he forgot and you had to do a second one, instead of just double dose in one shot. Hopefully that won't be an issue tomorrow!

    1. Hoping it will get better and easier.


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