Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taking It Easy

I've been making baby booties for my shop this week.  I'm really hoping it will keep me sane.  Plus I did say that since I won't be moving until next Spring that I might as well restock my shop.  I was really running low on choice of colors in various sizes.  Seems like I had a run on pink in my shop over the winter.

Today J and I went plant shopping.  We purchased a tomato plant from the post exchange, sighs because had I known that the Army was going to defer this move until next year I would have started everything from seed like I normally do, and a new hummingbird feeder.  The two hummingbird feeders we had leaked terribly.

Next stop was off to shop for more plants.  I purchased two that I know attract and feed the hummingbirds.  They've been having to feed off of my blooming rosemary bush.  Poor little Rufous.
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After getting the plants home we went grocery shopping.  I'm tired to say the least.  No I didn't do any heavy lifting.  Well okay at the home improvement store some old man was pushy and I had to lift my cart up and out of his way because he just couldn't wait.  No I'm not in any pain though I was told to take it easy for a few days after the embryo transfer.

I checked, no bleeding, no bad cramping from trying to lift more than I should. Seriously I had the choice of being rammed in the back by his cart or lifting my cart out of the way.  Manners aren't generational, they are learned and I'm guessing that old man didn't learn any.

Yes J was with me but he had his hands full with wallet and hanging plant and couldn't have gotten to me fast enough for the old man's liking.  Oh I did voice my opinion of that man's patience.

Well enough of that.

So I'm home.  J carried in the groceries to the house and I unloaded them.  The bagger had loaded up our suv so again I didn't have to do anything.

I have had uterine cramping, more like pinching on the left side and right side of the pelvic region and at times near the mid-line of the uterus too but nothing all at once.  It doesn't last for long, maybe a couple of minutes.  Fingers crossed.
We purchased this exact feeder today!


  1. Hoping you are getting some rest! :)

    1. Trying to do just that. I have to remind myself why though because right now it just doesn't feel all that real. Too many pregnancy failures.


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