Monday, May 13, 2013


There are days I wonder why I ever even open my mouth.  I realize that the folks who know me best know that often I say things that might not make sense to them right away but they do "get me".  I also realize that what I say is often misunderstood by family that doesn't know me well at all.

Two examples I'll share:

A few years back I was eating breakfast at my in-laws' house when I made a simple of state of, "don't let (name of husband's brother) run you over".  My mother-in-law, like I said folks that don't know me well, said to me, "what did you mean by that!".  Simple fact is that my youngest brother-in-law has a strong personality and can be quite dominant in his wants and needs often forgetting that others might not feel like doing his activity but my feel like they need to try to keep up with him.  My husband is much the same and just the very reason why I often push myself too much.

Just yesterday I was joking how my father-in-law has less hair than my mother-in-law.  Mother-in-law said, "no he has more hair.".  Considering that her hair is long and his is short I thought it was obvious by what I meant but I guess not so.

With strangers I often stumble over what to say to them and end up sounding like some blathering idiot of which I'm not.  It just seems like I am better able to communicate with the written word and still I sometimes stumble there as well.

This leads me back again to Adult Female Asperger's Syndrome.  I seem to fit the bill quite well.  Still I have yet to get tested.  I get so caught up in other facets of my life that I forget to find out where I can get tested.  Not sure the Army would even care that I have it because I'm not a child.

Here is video to share with all of you.  If you know me perhaps you'll see some of these traits in me.
I mean no offense to anyone that has been diagnosed or has a family member diagnosed with this syndrome but I need to start somewhere to find out why I'm so misunderstood and so far it fits the bill. 

One other thing, if you new me in college you might remember that I loved to write poetry and was pretty darn good at it.  But thinking with vanity I submitted to The New Yorker and with that rejection never tried again to get published.    I got a "not at this time" rejection letter.


  1. :( I deal with that same thing with my SIL! So frustrating.

    1. Wishing more people got my line of thinking.

  2. Very interesting. I think there are probably psychologist out there that could run a test for you. Although most of them do seem to be geared for children.

    1. I asked my family what they think. So far only my West Coast Mom, a cousin actually, says No to me having it. Though she thinks it is something else.


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