Friday, May 31, 2013

Furniture Protection Plan Bogus

Years ago when I first moved to this military installation I purchased from a local retailer of Lazyman  furniture a couch and two rocker recliners.  I paid for top quality fabric.  I paid for a ten year protection plan on the fabric.

At first when there were problems with the furniture the plan worked great.  Later when the chairs had to be traded in the Lazyman company switched out my warranty and the chairs.  I didn't get paperwork on the deal and they said don't worry it is all the same with no cost to you.  I found out this month when I needed a repair done to my chair fabric that it is now a five year plan and back dated to the date of the first chair purchase not the swap out.  That leaves me with just one year left on the fabric plan. 

I spoke with the warranty company named Guardsnotaman.  I submitted a claim.  They denied my claim for the following reasons:
  • Chair-Rocker Recliner - Frame Cracked - The reported damage on your furniture is not covered under the terms of the protection plan.
  • Chair-Rocker Recliner - Rip/Tear-More than 1/2 Inch away from Seam - The records indicate Guardsnotaman is not the service provider of the protection plan. Please contact your retailer to determine the provider of the furniture protection plan purchased.
So I contacted Lazyman again.  They said that if it was the ten year plan it was only Lazyman that was responsible but with their switch it is indeed Guardsnotman.

I called up Guardsnotman and after a fifteen minute hold talked to Robert that is like many an insurance claim representative that didn't want to help. I told him to stop being hostile with me.  That I will call back later and speak with his supervisor.  And I will most likely go to the BBB over this too.  Since the BBB is just outside of post that won't be hard to do.

I'm quite upset at their switch on my policy.  I'm upset that they decided, from the pictures that I sent, that it wasn't accidental.  My statement on the form was this: "Turning chair on carpet wood poked through fabric tearing fabric."  That was an accident!  They are just trying to find a way in which not to pay for the panel to be replaced.

I'm angry.  When I'm more calm I am going to follow up on this claim yet again.  I detest dealing with companies that don't want to pay out for things are obviously under warranty!


  1. Wow that is unreal! They should most definitely be responsible and fix it.

  2. Ugh, I hate dealing with warranties and such. I mean it's great when they are open and willing to work with you (this happened when my treadmill got fried) but most of the time they find any way they can not to help you. Ugh ugh ugh. I hope you can get them to hold up their end of the agreement and fix it.


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