Thursday, October 28, 2010

Epic Fail

Okay I should have known better than to have hired this woman.  Yes, the one I mentioned in the post earlier today.

She comes by today and tells me, after being dropped off, that she won't get paid for today because her paperwork has yet to go through with the staffing place. She doesn't even know when she'll get approved or if she will get approved.  She said she was working for her sister.  With this staffing program you can have a family member work with the staffing company without getting certified.  I'm wanting to know why the staffing place even gave me her number when she is not my family member.  Without their approval she isn't covered by the insurance, should something happen to her on the job.  I sure as heck couldn't afford her medical bills if she worked under the table for me and not the staffing company, nor do I want to get sued.

I had her clean the bathroom.  I guess she did an okay job.  I could have done better.  She didn't clean the shower/tub out, nor clean the floors or mirrors.  I was going to have her dust but I thought better of that since she wasn't getting paid for today.

 I asked if she would rather just sit and watch a movie with me.  She was all over that.  So I put in Shrek 2 because she had yet to see that movie.  My dvd player is slowly dying as of today.  The disc is in near new condition as I've only played it once and it has no scratches.  The dvd player starts skipping and stopping and pixelating.  I had just cleaned it prior to watching two other dvds last week.  I guess its time for a new player.  Ten years I've had this dvd player.

For now I'll just switch over to using the XBOX or my husband's dvd player.  As for the respite care provider, I guess I'm back to calling the people on the list.  I'll get started on that tomorrow.  After the dvd player failed I asked if watching television would be okay, I needed something to occupy the hour and a half until her sister picked her back up.  She wanted to watch her soap opera.  I too used to watch the same soap but haven't in about a year having given up the drama.

When my husband was deployed I didn't watch but two hours of television a week.  I found a lot more real life things to keep me busy.  I wouldn't watch the news either as I didn't want to know about the war.  War is too close to home when your spouse is deployed.

She told me that she's willing to keep working for me without pay as she doesn't want to possibly lose the job.  What job?  There isn't a job if you aren't getting paid.  I need someone qualified to do the work.  I don't think I'm being to picky.  I just want someone that is going to do the task I set out for them and do it correctly.  I cleared off the top of the sink of all possible impediments.  I put the chemicals on top with a sponge and paper towels.  I removed the towels from the bars and the bathrobes from the back of the doors.  I even opened up the shower curtain and told her how easy it is to clean the tub.  Sheesh.  What gives?  Am I too much of a marshmallow to get someone to follow my instructions?  I don't want to pull out my drill sergeant attitude, my dad claims that I'm a natural born one and he should know being prior Army, because I don't know if I could put it back on the shelf before the spouse comes home for the day.

Before leaving my house today she asked if her sister could come in for a few minutes to meet me.  Her sister I found was a bit of a flake.  Her sister wants to know more about my religion and if she can incorporate it with her own.  I don't have an organized religion.  I did tell her about the chapel on post and that all are welcome.  The sister lives on post.  My husband, when home on lunch today, gave the respite care provider directions to the chapel.  I don't go to chapel that often, as I find its like the majority of other chapels, with too many gossip mongers and back biters  and not enough folks there for the right reasons.

Should I keep going down the list of people tomorrow?
Should I give her another chance?
Am I being smart about wanting to find someone certified to work in my home?           
Any ideas folks?
Any advice?


  1. I'd keep looking. Several reasons, not the least of which being you actually need to get the tasks *done*. Further, as you point out, if she gets hurt/sick at your place I suspect whatever the on-base equivalent of 'homeowners liability insurance' is would at the minimum be a huge pile of paperwork and at worst a legal entanglement you don't have the time or energy to get into. If someone is paying -- you, insurance or otherwise, you should be getting what is paid for.

  2. That's what I thought. I asked my husband about it tonight when he got home and he agrees. We were discussing it over the pumpkin carving. I really enjoyed having him here for it this year.


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