Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shopping With The Spouse

Today my husband and I went shopping.  We started off at a bookstore.  I love to buy used books especially when I can trade in my old ones.  My spouse heads off to the Sci-fi section, I head to the classics then over to the cookbooks, romance and finally end up in the Sci-fi section myself.  I enjoy Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sci-fi novels as much as I enjoy any other genre.

Next stop is to a hardware store to look for a replacement lawn mower blade for our inherited Briggs and Stratton.  No luck at the hardware store.  We decided to drive to the next town over and get a blade at the same place we've been purchasing replacement parts for this mower.  But before we head out to the next town over we stop at a Bed Bath and Beyond because I wanted to purchase new bed sheets.  Much to my amazement bed sheets are now coming with warranties included in the purchase price.  I thought only electronics and appliances had warranties.  Less than an hour in the store and we are headed to lunch at, of all places, a pancake house.  My spouse had already had an egg mess for breakfast but he was craving pancakes and an omelet.  This place was busy today.  It actually took an hour to get our food.

 With lunch under our belts we headed out to the lawn mower and go-kart repair place for the lawn mower blade replacement.  We get there and find out our much damaged blade is a craftsman.  I'll have to ask my manflesh later if he thinks it might have a warranty on that too.  Still chuckling thinking of warrantied sheets .

Our shopping trips are still not done.  Off we go again after a quick trip home to drop off the packages and lawn mower blade.  We stop by the dry cleaner and seamstress shop to pick up his class A jacket.  He had to have more patches sewn on; this time combat and service stripes.  After securing his jacket in the suv we drive off to a sporting goods store.  Now we are getting to the promised land, well at least for my spouse.  I had asked him last night if he wanted a firearm for a holiday gift.  Of course he loved that idea.  So this turned into a fact finding trip and not a purchasing trip unless you count the fudge we bought at the store.  We were at the hand gun counter for no less than two hours.  I looked at my watch after he walked away from the counter and said, "Hun, did you realize its almost 6 o'clock?".  Time to eat dinner and so I'm keeping this post today short and rather boring.

Time to get the frozen pizza into the oven.  Maybe we'll find something good on the television tonight or maybe we'll just pop in a dvd.

Forgive my typos and punctuation error...I'm tired.

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