Thursday, October 21, 2010

Legal Issues: Today's Headache

Here I am sitting and waiting.  Twenty minutes has past and five more additional.  My lawyers are giving me a headache.

 I had my phone conference scheduled for today.  I called at the appointed time.

Me:  Is D there?
Receptionist:  No she isn't in today.
Me:  I had a phone conference scheduled for now.
Receptionist:  Who is this?  (I had told her before but they don't care)
Me: (states name)
Receptionist:  Let me try to get D on her cell.  Hold please.  (I hold)  Can she call you back in twenty minutes?
Me:  (as if I have a choice)  Yes.
Receptionist:  Can I get your number?  (OMG! Seriously I've been dealing with this law firm for three years and they still don't know my number.  I give her my number again without being obnoxious.)

Now I'm sitting here waiting.  Five more minutes have passed making it now thirty minutes since I was told she'd call me back in twenty.

 I just want an update on my case.  I want to find out why the TENS unit company has yet again stopped sending me the pads for my TENS unit.  I want to find out why the local folks have yet to call me.  The local folks said they'd call me when they got the correct medical fees schedule.  So far they've only been sent a link and nothing in hard copy from my lawyers.

How am I supposed to go see a doctor using my out-of-state Workers' Compensation insurance without a fees schedule?

How am I supposed to get paid for being out-of-work if I can't see a doctor who will file progress reports on my behalf?  I haven't been paid in twenty-seven months because I moved out-of-state due to a military move of which my lawyers and the insurance company were warned well in advance of the move.

Workers' Compensation doesn't like the fact that the military medical providers aren't willing to testify as to my progress in rehabilitation therapy for my injuries.  Because they are military and most of the doctors are not civilian contractors that I would see for my physical therapy they too move around a lot.

So I'm calling them back to find out why forty minutes later I have yet to receive a phone call from my lawyer.  Speaking with the receptionist right now, she says, "one second", after I explain that I've yet to be called back...mind you its never just one second.

Finally, I got through.  I got to state to D what I needed.  She was appalled that I still wasn't receiving treatment.  D took over my case when B left the firm and country to get married.  So I'm starting over from the beginning with the whole mess.

Two years on the same orthopedic inserts, same sneakers, same leather compression boot, same everything.  Everything is worn out.  Heck even my cane needs a new rubber stopper on the bottom of it, the shaft is rubbed clean of paint in spots from long forgotten falls.  I think I'm deserving of some new medical equipment.  But we'll just see what Work Comp has to say about what I deserve.  Funny how you pay in for the "other tax" insurance on your paycheck and when you have to use it the insurance company for the company you worked for doesn't want to pay out.  Not like the "other tax" was optional.

Hopefully none of my readers have ever had to deal with this particular headache. 

On a happy note, spouse is doing well with work.  Co-worker is being put in their place for not being productive.  Spouse is very happy that he got noticed for picking up said soldier's  slack.

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