Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Voting Absentee If Possible

This year I'll be voting again with an absentee ballot.  Two years ago when I moved out of my home state to my spouse's new duty station I voted absentee ballot for the primaries.  This year I was hoping to vote the same way again. Somehow I doubt I'll even see the absentee ballot.

I found out through an email that my home state is one of those being sued for not sending out the absentee ballots nor updating their addresses.  Yes my address did change but I did update it.  I was told this would take care of the problem.  I went online today and found out that I'm still listed as the old address!  So much for updating the physical and voting address through the DMV, that was a wasted call.

 Taking matters into my own hands I researched my options.  I decided to go to the home state web page for the voting registration.  After finding a pdf file where I could type in my responses online then print, sign, stamp and send it out I did just that.  My husband came home on lunch today and I had him update his registration as well.

 Folks voting is very important, not just to the military but to every one that has that right to vote.  I'd rather know that the candidate that I voted for didn't get elected then to just complain about who is in office knowing that I didn't vote and could have changed who is in that office right now.

 According to what I read in order to vote absentee I must have my registration paper work in the mail 25 days before the voting.  I don't think its going to make it at all as I'm way past the 25 days.  But at least I can honestly say I tried.  My home state is the one that screwed me over but next time they'd better send me the ballot option.

 On a side note the friend problem still exists.  The soldier co-worker is now talking about getting out of the Army after getting married this time. I can only hope.  As for the EFMP paperwork to ACS, well they emailed me today stating that my spouse had to go in there and fill out some paperwork which would take about 15 minutes.  So why they gave me a whole new set of forms that a doctor had to fill out I have no idea, do you?  I can't figure out the military paper work system.  Finally the lawyers in NY I mentioned a few days ago...I have a phone conference with them on Thursday to see how my case is progressing.  Don't ever get hurt at work because Workers' Compensation will fight you tooth and nail for a single dollar including the medical.

 That's my update for today.  Off to go finish up the second load of laundry now and try to get in a shower.  Finally a day without drama.  YAY!

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  1. I am glad that you got through with no drama. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished even though you might not be able to vote. It does not surprise me though coming from NY


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