Monday, October 25, 2010

My Day Thus Far with a bit of weekend review

Friday I secured a list of Respite Providers and started calling them.  One called back but her schedule would not have worked out with mine.  Today I awoke to a phone call, it was the staffing place wanting to know if I had found a provider, of course I  haven't yet.  I find it totally rude that when I take the time to leave a message the recipient of the message does not call back in a timely manner.  Who would not want to be employed for twenty dollars an hour just to help me out around the house?

Today on my second phone call I finally spoke with a human.  This woman seems very excited about the prospect of working with the staffing place and being out sourced to me.

Maybe I should back track a bit and explain how I am able to qualify for this respite care.  The respite care is not actually for me but for my soldier.  Getting up at 0500hrs five days a week and not getting home most days until 1800 hrs tends to tire him out.  Geez I wonder why? (sarcasm)  Because of these hours he is usually too tired to do much more than vegetate.  But the house has to be cleaned.  When the weather is bad with cold wind and cold rain my body aches too much for me to be doing the light housekeeping.  This is where the respite care comes in handy.  I qualify for twenty-eight hours a month of help because of my debilitating conditions.  So with any luck I'll have a respite care provider by the end of the day.

Over the weekend I was moved a few things about the house and picked up stuff that had to be put away. Picking up the four hand weights, two five pound weights and two three pound weight, that had been used and left out was a bit too much for my carpal tunnel issue.  I now have a bruised left foot and holes in the tile floor from dropping  the hand weights.  This morning I called in the work order to have the tiles replaced.

Yesterday I went to chapel.  My husband and a few others carved pumpkins.  Four were set, one at each direction, two others were placed in front of the altar.  This week some time we will get around to carving our own two pumpkins.  For now the orange fleshy globes reside out-of-doors awaiting their timely slaughter.  I love carving pumpkins.  I would buy more decorations than what I have now for this fun holiday but with the Army I must remember to keep my decorations for each holiday to a minimum or risk having to give them all away each time I move.

So fingers crossed that I'll have someone to help out around here with the little projects that involve chemicals at the very least.  I prefer continuing to breathe.


  1. Good Luck! I'm curious about the respite services... now that SSDI and the VA agree that L is totally disabled (and has respiratory issues to go with) and I'm disabled enough that certain things are /just flippin' impossible/ we could sooo use a hand once or twice a month for the things that either we can't reach (my back being serious unbendy and all) or that involve chemicals that adversely affect L's breathing.

    I've considered paying someone out of pocket, but if we could get a little help that way it'd be infinitely valuable. Thoughts?

  2. In my home state we had Home Health Care Aids that I think were partially covered by medical insurance. I'm not sure what the VA would cover but if you find out that they would pay for an aid for L let me know. My mom has a bad back too and my dad is very sickly, I'm sure she could use a break.

  3. one more thing to check into -- otherwise I'm going to have to hire someone to do things like scrub toilets and floors (though the robot vacuum does a reasonable job) and the mundane things that we have a really hard time doing (cutting the grass is one... getting firewood into the crib will be another)


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