Thursday, October 28, 2010

Repairing It All

Just finished eating my Fage with honey and I thought that perhaps I should post now before my day becomes hectic.  I think I'll work backwards from now through yesterday where I last posted about what went on to secure the title of this blog post.

Today I break in a new respite care provider.  I know I shouldn't judge the gal by the way she dresses, nor the way she talks but like most of the population of the Earth I still do.

I swear this new provider is just as broken as am I.  I'd just like to know why she's even on the list of service providers when it seems doubtful she could pass the physical let alone a written exam.  Oh I know it seems as though I'm implying that she's not too bright, well she isn't.  This is the gal that said she needed to run to a "meglo-mart" type store and would be right here after.  Well three hours later she shows up for the interview.  I had all but given up on her.  But I might be pleasantly surprised, though she is very coarse, to find that she is in fact able to perform the tasks given to her.  Today I'm just asking her to dust and clean the bathroom.  The bathroom was cleaned this past weekend but since its almost a week it could use it again.  I'm wondering if I hired the person out of pity.    She tells me she's had a stroke, is asthmatic, and has a bad back.  Oh geez, I wonder if this means I'll have to keep 911 on speed dial for when she is here.  She told me she doesn't mind doing housework and loves to iron.  I just need someone to help with the chemicals of cleaning and the moving of furniture so that I can vacuum.

This morning I baked cinnamon rolls for my spouse for breakfast.  He deserved a little treat.  I've been a real brat with the hormones of late and felt the need to make reparations for my bad behavior.

 0740 hrs, I was just settling back into sleep for a short nap before my spouse got home from PT when the phone rang.  It was the ENT office calling to schedule an appointment for my husband.  I was fine with the first date they gave me and had just penned it on to the appropriate date on the calendar when they told me to hold.  Okay rather odd I thought.  V from the ENT office gets back on the phone with me and says she needs to move it up two days.  I explain that the time they've now changed it to won't work out because he has another appointment scheduled for shortly after.  V insists that I have to take this one.  My husband gets home right after the call ended and calls them back.  He wants the first appointment they offered.  Get this, its no longer available.  Really?  Less than five minutes after they wanted to give it to him?  So he is now stuck with the one that might conflict and he might have to reschedule the other appointment just because the ENT office had no other openings.

 Last night we had microwave lasagna for dinner.  My husband got home to find the gas oven in the middle of kitchen floor with the bottom drawer blocking a door way.  Yup the repairman had torn it all apart.  The broiler wasn't functioning and one burner wasn't working properly.  Dinner would have to be something nuked.  The oven was back in place just before 1800hrs but by then I said to heck with it and opted for the quick dinner which meant going to the Commissary.  The trip to the Commissary worked out well because we were out of milk and we needed more yogurt too.

The repairman might have finished the oven but he didn't finish the tiles.  He tore one up and said he'd have to order replacement tiles.  I asked how long before the new tiles would be in and he had no idea.  Great.  These are the same people that do the repairs for all the housing on our post.  One of my friends is still waiting to get the hole in her living room ceiling repaired.

Even though the sky is grey, and its raining I can carry with me the memory of the smile on my husband's face as he bit into his cinnamon rolls this morning.  I like making him smile.  Hopefully the rest of the day's events will keep me smiling.

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