Saturday, October 30, 2010

Showing Me Love

Last night my husband went out with one of the guys for pizza.  I like my once a week alone time.  Its time I get to think, read, day dream, just in general vegetate.  He came home early with our friend and presented me with lilies and irises.  Several different types of lilies.  He kept fairly quiet talking D&D with our friend through the night in another room.  I watched some television in the living room.

I say the guy is our friend because I met him first at chapel and knew right off he'd be a fun friend for my husband with similar interests besides the Army.  Sure enough they had a good night generating characters and discussing  escape plans with what is allowable for items.

I love my geek husband.  I really do love the nerd in him.  I too enjoy playing D&D.

Since tonight is our date night I'm going to keep this post short for today.  I think this is my first short post in a while.  I realize that my life has been rather mundane of late but I rather like the ordinary life.

 Sunday we head out to our chapel here on post for our late night Samhain celebration.  More about date night happenings tomorrow if I get the chance.

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