Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally Friday

I'm wearing red today because its Friday.  Some of you may recall why folks wear red on Friday, others might have no idea at all.  I'm not exactly sure how long ago the tradition of wearing red on Friday started but I think it started when we went to war.  I will try to remember to wear red on each Friday until all our troops come home.

Yes we are still at war.  We might have ended the sending of comabt troops to Iraq for now but it doesn't mean we stopped sending our military over there.  We still have a war going on in Afghanistan.  We are still fighting the war on terrorism.

The work week is coming to a close which means I'll get some much needed time with my spouse.  A year ago I couldn't say the same.  A year ago my spouse was one of many deployed to the Middle East.

Friday reminds me to be thankful for all the freedoms that I enjoy and often take for granted.  I am thankful for my dwelling no matter how humble it might be because it is not a CHU (containerized housing unit) that leaks when the rain comes down hard.  I am thankful for the food I have to eat because I can just go to my refrigerator or cabinets and select a decent meal that hasn't been mass produced as in an MRE or sitting in warming trays drying out.  I am thankful that I can go to a restaurant to eat a meal and be able to complain if the service is not to my satisfaction.  I am thankful that I can get up in the middle of the night without having to don boots and camouflage clothing  just to go use the bathroom.  Heck, if I get the munchies in the middle of the darn night I can get in my suv,  drive the 0.9 miles to the nearest convenience store, then walk through isles of junk food selecting the perfect snack to settle a craving.  Most of those deployed don't have options I get to enjoy at a whim. When the tiny AAFES at their location does have options they go quickly.

Yes, I realize we have an all volunteer Army.  I am thankful that these men and women did volunteer so that I can exercise my freedom.  I like being able to say what I want.   I like being able to own a gun.  I like being able to worship any god any way I want.

So today I'm wearing red.  It doesn't matter if anyone notices, I'm not here to be noticed.  I'm doing it to say thank you and that I value the sacrifices our military has made with the hope that they will come home soon.


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