Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trying To Find Some Me Time

I guess I got up too late this morning.  I wanted to get a bit more sleep, sleep that has been alluding me most nights due in part to my fertility drugs and a spouse that snores like a freight train.

The third load of laundry is now in the washer with the second in the dryer.  I've still yet to get a chance to grab some much needed food.  Breakfast and lunch have now passed by.  My spouse came home for breakfast in-between the morning PT and his work call.  Spouse came home for lunch and got his lunch while I cleaned out the fridge of the left overs he's not been eating.  Leftovers that I can't consume because of food allergies.  While he is eating his lunch I'm cleaning up the stove top of what he fried earlier and didn't clean up.  The repair man is coming today to work on the stove top, broiler and replace a few broken tiles in the living room.

Because the repair man is due at any time in the next few minutes to several hours, they never give an exact appointment time,  I don't dare start to use the stove to warm up something to eat.  I guess my chance to eat was in the am but I wasted it trying to get some sleep.  Yes, sure its a woe is me my life sucks today.  I'm cranky but I think most of you would be if you hadn't eaten in sixteen hours too.

Right now I need some me time.  No phone calls in the am, no phone calls in the pm, no one wanting a thing from me.  I want to be able to curl up with the book I've been trying to finish for almost three weeks and some sort of food.

I need to remember that I take care of me.  So I need to take time for myself daily just like my spouse does when he gets off work for the day.   I think I need a day at a spa.  Last time I went to one was sixteen months ago and it was only an hour treatment.  I'm tired.  I need some breathing room, some screaming out loud in frustration time.

Back to the laundry.  I'll stop day dreaming now.

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