Sunday, October 17, 2010

Date Night

Tonight was date night.  Once a week no matter where we are in the world or even if we are apart we try to take time to be with one another.  While he was deployed my husband would once a week call me for a date night.  After our phone call I'd go to the movies and he'd go get pizza.  Tonight we had pizza together and watched a movie at home.  To some this might seem rather dull but for us its all about getting to know one another again.

Being married doesn't mean we stop dating.  Being married means that we should still treat one another  like we are dating and always try to be our best around each other.  Not as easy as it seems especially with me on fertility drugs and the hormonal roller coaster that comes with them.  Its like having bad PMS without the onset of a new cycle.  I really feel bad for my husband with the cravings and crankiness.    But hey men get IMS (irritable man syndrome) so I guess he understands PMS. So for his IMS I can just throw a steak at him, letting him have at it like a guard dog with all the associated growling.  Its rib-eye steaks tomorrow night for dinner and I'm still thinking of getting him that dog bowl with his name on it that he's actually been wanting ever since I read him a passage from a novel I was reading.

That's all for today folks.

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