Friday, October 29, 2010

Finishing touches

 Husband's pumpkin
My pumpkin

The Halloween or Samhain, if you will, decorations are finally finished and put in their proper places.  It took me several hours to carve my pumpkin and I'm not sure its as good as it could be.  My design is one I modified from a photo of his units design. Its his patch with the arrowhead in the back ground and their number above.  Last year was the first year I ever carved a pumpkin so I'm still learning about designs.  I love how my husband just dug in with a knife and started carving away after the guts were removed.

I'm on my fourth load of laundry right now, that makes at least twelve loads this week, my husband sure does dirty a lot of clothes.  Tonight if things go well I'll probably get around to making pumpkin bread and roasting some pumpkin seeds.  Last year I kind of burnt a few of the seeds, but it was my first time with that too so I'm learning.

I got a call early this morning from the staffing place asking if I've yet chosen a new respite care provider.  I explained to the guy on the phone that the one I tried out yesterday just didn't work out.  He said that I'm listed as having the following three providers: TL, AS, and JJ.  I told him I've never even heard of TL, I fired AS for being lazy and wanting to only sleep when she was supposed to be working and that I still have JJ but she lives rather far away to be at my beck and call.  So he noted the changes.  I'm still wondering who the heck that TL gal is.  I've heard the name as in her first and middle being as such but only in my past.  The TL I knew is actually TLS and she is a crack head now.  I would not use her for several reason; the crack being the first, the second would be the distance as she is on the opposite coast, the third is that she is a thief.  I guess the thief part could be on account of the crack addiction too.

On a different subject now, I have about another week to go until I can test to see if I'm pregnant or not.  I have to test before I start the next round of the fertility drugs.  Its too soon to tell if I'm pregnant or not right now.  The clomid is still messing with my body as the breasts are sore, pelvis is sore and I'm still getting nausea.  The nausea could of course be from my other medical problems.  Hopefully Quan Yin will have answered my prayers.

I opened a new box of Flovent today and read the instruction sheet.  I will finish up my last puff of the Flovent inhaler I have open tonight.  Turns out that Flovent shouldn't be used on women that are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.  I guess that is just one more medicine I'll have to go off of cold turkey.  I think I'll still be allowed my rescue inhaler as breathing is a necessity.  I only use it when I have an asthma attack.  I'm wondering why I wasn't told I should go off it at the last visit with the PA (physicians assistant).  I shouldn't even wonder because this was the PA that messed up my last EFMP (exceptional family member program) form and neglected to complete and sign one page of the four pages that had to be signed.

I'm supposed to be seeing a real doctor once a month and I should be assigned a real doctor as my PCM (primary care manager).  But the clinics here have seen fit to move my PCM Doc to another clinic of which I'm not allowed to go to because I can only go to the one I'm assigned to.  Well that is unless I change out my PCM to an off-Post clinic.  The paper work involved in changing to off-Post care is daunting.  Last time I tried to change out of my clinic I got the routine of go to this other office which then they sent me to yet another office, and that one didn't have a clue then sending me back to the first one.  Next duty station I can only hope it gets better.  For now I'll have to deal with the crappy care they give us family members.  The last time I saw a real doctor was when I saw a specialist.  PAs and NPs (nurse practitioners) are great for dealing with the small stuff but when you have a patient with several autoimmune disorders and other medical issues its usually out of their knowledge range.

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