Monday, September 26, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Photo of our dessert at the Olympic Timber House Restaurant

Last year we stopped by this particular restaurant and decided we liked our meal choices so much that we'd go back again the following year.  What better time to go than on our anniversary?

We went to Poulsbo and Port Townsend for the day after getting a late start.  To save time we decided to take the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the floating bridge cutting 30 minutes off our normal time.  Usually we take Hwy 101 up to Port Townsend and back again.  Not trying to avoid paying bridge fees but deciding to take Hwy 101 back home gave us the opportunity to stop at the restaurant with the really delicious food.

Luckily our wedding anniversary day dawned bright and sunny in the area we chose to travel to.  To the left is a photo of downtown Poulsbo.  We'd actually never been to this town before but after reading how it was a viking settlement we decided we had to stop and have a look around.

J loved the little gift shop called the Viking Maid.  Well he actually just loved the pewter drinking implements they had on display.  I thought the trolls and gnomes were really cute but over priced. 

 We stopped into just one of the town's antique shops.  I would have liked to have stayed longer but we needed to get to our final destination which would take up most of the afternoon.  So after a lunch at  an Italian restaurant in Poulsbo we hit the road once again.

By the way if you are ever headed up on this route north gas can be found cheaper at the Chevron in Chimacum than can be found on our military installation by almost 10 cents a gallon.  While that might not sound like much it is when you are refilling your gas tank.

This is a photo of the outside of the Timber House Restaurant.  The interior is worthy of quite a few photos too alas I didn't feel like offending the other diners with my flash photography nor make them feel uncomfortable by snapping pictures without flash while they try to eat in peace.

The only bad experience I had at this place would have to be a single diner that was overly loud about wanting to find a place to get her smokes and the fact that she was flossing her teeth at her table.  No manners.   I wonder if she was one of those kids that parents dreaded bringing out to eat in public.  One would think that by her age, had to be mid 30's, she'd of learned some manners.

Okay now to get away from missed manners to the food.  This trip J had the prime rib with the roasted garlic cheese toast  and I had the All natural Filet Mignon with a side order of clam chowder.  For dessert J had the creme brulee and I had the the chocolate raspberry cake.  I would highly recommend these choices along with the first dinners we ate there which were: Prosciutto Chicken and the All Natural Rib Eye.

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  1. I love creme brulee! Sounds like you had a great time despite the colorful customers you had to share the restaurant with.


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