Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time For Chicken Soup

The more I listen to family the more I want to say hypocrite out loud.  Yesterday was not the best of days.  I decided I would defrost chicken to make my own chicken soup in the crock pot later today.  What I didn't want to hear was that family was not supportive of our decision to have IVF.

So I'm going to make chicken soup today.  Chicken barley and mushroom soup to be precise.  I've heard that chicken soup is the cure all so why not see if this will cure my bit of anger towards a few to remain nameless family members.

Seriously how can you not believe in IVF if you are so Pro Choice to the point that you believe in pregnancy reduction for the safety of the other fetuses?  How is it any different to create a life by medical science then to take one by medical science which is not "natural" according to most religious doctrines?  If you support the taking of the life then you should be open minded enough to support the creating of one.  Sheesh some folks really know how to turn my crank.

So yes, I'm really hopeful that this crock of chicken soup will help ease my mind, fix my nausea and vomiting and help reduce the physical pain of my endometriosis and fibromyalgia; I'm currently have a fibro flare.  Its asking for a lot I know but its obviously asking for way less than what I expected from certain individuals.

Maybe just maybe if this IVF cycle results in a baby they'll have a change of heart about the procedure.  If they don't and they slight my child because it wasn't created by natural causes I'm going to get really pissed off.

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  1. I hate this for you. Know that I love and support you. (For what it's worth...) Sending hugs and love your way, cousin.


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